Cleaning Fish: Seafood: Mussels (Mytilus Edulis)


Let’s go to see how to clean mussels







fresh mussels must be cleaned from their “beard” and the external impurities,

the Mussels in the picture are common in Mediterranean Sea, these are from Obia (Sardinia Island);

we are going to use a normal kitchen knife and our fingers for this operation.





Being careful to not cut your fingers, we go first for the Mussel “Beard”






we trap the “beard” between the blade of the knife and our thumb finger,

then we pull it out from the mussel;






you can see inthe picture the “Beard”








Otherwise we can use our thumb and index fingers to pull out the “Beard”





often we need to put some strenght…






as all the Mussels “Beards” are removed we scrape off the impurities using a knife







 running water will help the cleaning process. By the end you will wash well all the Mussels

before to cook.

Please see the “Ingredients” section for further information.




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