Cleaning Fish – Squid


 Such beautiful fresh fishes!

here you can see Fin Fish, Mussel & Squid

Squid is call Calamaro in Italy, where are two different quality: “Calamaro” and “Totano”; today let see how to clean “Calamaro” the process is similar also for “Totano” & “Sepia”(Cuttlefish).

for better understanding I divide the Squid in two parts: head and legs; the head contains the internal organs but eyes are connected to the legs;

I show you how to clean the Squid without break the head, whole head is needed in some preparations like Stuffed Squid and Fried Squid Rings, if you don’t need the whole head you can cut with a scissor or a knife the size you like for other preparations.


I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe: if you are sensitive to blood please don’t go further.



 start cutting a line through the skin just above the base of the head, you should feel the bone under your finger, the porpouse of this cut is to open the skin to free the bone, during this operation pay attention to not squeeze to much the head or the internal organs will break and you will say: “oh my gosh!”










 insert your thumb & index fingers inside the opened skin and grab the bone, smoothly take it out











 all the way, do not break it inside











 make the opening wider









 then start to peel the skin: if the Squid is fresh it will come out without breaking










 as the head is cleaned from the skin insert two fingers just below the part you did the first cut;

you will find the connection between head and legs









 you have to put some strenght to disconnect this part, pay attention to not breack internal organs









 as you disconnected the meat start to gently pull the whole internal organs out










 here we go! inside the head is everything of this beautiful fish beside the eyes and the mouth which are in the legs, now the head is in your leaft hand while the legs, eyes, mouth and internal organs are in your right hand








 disconnect the internal organs from the legs, internal organs will be wasted, only for certain special preparation we will keep the black ink which is stronghly tasty! but not today…..










 let’s go to cut theeyes out: using a scissor (or a knife) cut each eye in the middle, with kindness or you will be spray by the eye humor!







 as cut the eyes can easily squeezed out and discarded










 you will easily find the mouth: it is same as a parrot beak!

you can take off the muscle (ball sized) containing the mouth otherwise you just pull out the two segments of the beak using a knife; the segments must be discarded 









 we go to get rid of the legs skin: make a cut like you did for the head








 grab the skin with your fingernails and pull










 if some skin is too resistent let it in place, doesn’t matter!

then go to wash well the legs…








 while you wash the legs go to search with your fingers the tentacles: tentacles are furnished with denticulated suckers, with which the Squid secure the prey, you will look for the denticulated part to be taken off and discarded









 here is detail of the denticulated parts of the tentacles








 wash well also the head…but still something inside ….








 ….a fish! this is a selling trick by the Fisherman!

check inside with the fingers, clean well and wash.







 here your Squid is ready to be cooked!






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