Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Creamy Sauce Of Fish (For Fish Soups)





Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Creamy Sauce Of Fish (For Fish Soups)

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You can use this basic creamy sauce for any preparation with fish especially for any Fish Soups.Brodo Buillabesse (5)







Get some fresh anchovies or sardines, in alternative you can use any fish.Brodo Buillabesse (1)







Open the belly to clean from the intestines and internal organs, take off well all the scales too.Brodo Buillabesse (2)








Wash under running water.Brodo Buillabesse (4)








Put in a bowl.Brodo Buillabesse (3)







Use the herbs you like I use thyme, laurel, garlic, sage, rosemary, marjoram and a bit of oregano.Brodo Buillabesse (6)







Put some water to boil adding two pinches of marine salt.Brodo Buillabesse (7)








Drop the herbs to boil.Brodo Buillabesse (8)









Let boil covered only one of two minutes.Brodo Buillabesse (16)








After this drop the fishes.Brodo Buillabesse (14)







Boil only two or three minutes.Brodo Buillabesse (10)







Take from the fire and keep covered four or five minutes.Brodo Buillabesse (17)







Open and let to cool down the temperature. Later on you will get the fish from their broth: you have to filter and keep this broth aside.Brodo Buillabesse (20)







Meantime you will put another pot of water to boil, put some vegetable inside (potato, onion, carrot or what you like).Brodo Buillabesse 2 (1)







Add a good pinch of marine salt and let the vegetable to cook until they are ready (use a fork to check the potatoes).Brodo Buillabesse 2 (2)








Clean the fish from their bones (to be discarded).Brodo Buillabesse 2 (5)







You will put the flesh inside the bowl with the veggies.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (4)








Use an hand-mixer to mince fish and veggies.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (6)








Add the broth you already filtered.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (12)








Get some fresh scallion, or onion or garlic.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (8)









Peel it and cut in pieces.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (9)








Drop in the sauce and mince everything with the mixer.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (10)








Add half glass of white wine and stir.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (14)








Put back on the fire: make it boil to become consistent.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (16)








Add three or four spoons of milk-cream and stirr.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (17)








Check the salinity: add more salt if needed.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (19)








Let cook three to five minutes, after that take from the fire.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (15)







Drop one small glass of Cognac (or Brandy) and stir.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (21)







It is ready!You can spread on cooked fish or on toasted bread on the side of your main course.Brodo Buillabesse 2 (22)










Cooking Foods Italian Recipes- Creamy Sauce Of Fish (For Fish Soups)

More details in my books published in






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