Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Cuttlefish & Veggies (Seppie In Umido)

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Cuttlefish & Veggies (Seppie In Umido)

More details in my culinary books published on












Get some fresh cuttlefish this three are more than 2 pounds (1 kilo)  I will cut in pieces, if smaller you can leave whole too, please clean from the interior and the skin, wash in fresh water (see in other cuttlefish preparation how to do it).














Veggies: freshassorted veggies; today I used a big pepperbell, onion, potato and garlic.

other ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, marine salt, balsamic vinegar, white wine.



















I add some fresh basil, too.









Cut the onions in big pieces.








Put the onion in to a empty pot, start the fire.






cover and let cook the onion five to eight minutes, stir every two minutes and cover again, small fire.










Add half glass of water, cover again and let it cook.








Cut the pepper bell in big pieces.







Drop in the pot along with the onion, stir, cover and let it cook.








Cut the potatoes in small pieces.







Add the potatoes to the pot, add some water if needed, stir and cover, cook another five minutes.










Open the cover and drop extra virgin olive oil, half glass.








Stir well, do notcover, raise the temperature to medium.

















Start to add the cuttlefish legs.








Stir well.









After cleaned and washed the heads are cut in pieces.







2×2 inches is a good size.










Increase the temperature to high, drop in the pot a part of the cuttlefish, to roast two to three minutes, always stirring.









After this add more cuttlefish, just some at time…do not worries they will be perfectly cooked at the end.

We want to roast the cuttlefish not to make them boiled. To give enough time to evaporate the water, we add small parts of cuttlefish time by time because while cooking it release its own juice in form of water.










As you put all the cuttlefish stir well.









Prepare basil and garlic.











Chop them small.








Drop in to the pot and stir, keep high fire four to five minutes always stirring.










Decrease the temperature to medium: you will see the water increase: this is released by the cuttlefish.










Add few drops of balsamic vinegar…stir.









Add one or two spoons of concentrated tomato, also tomato juice or fresh tomato are good but you will need more time to reach the adequate consistency of the sauce, in this case add one more potato (cut small) the potato make this sauce consistent…










Stir well.










Add two pinches of marine salt, you can add more if needed, check before to complete the cooking.









Stir then add half glass of white wine, stir.

After two three minutes is ready.










Serve along with toasted garlic bread.









Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Cuttlefish & Veggies (Seppie In Umido)

More details in my culinary books published on

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