Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Duck Breast & Venere Risotto

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Duck Breast & Venere Risotto

        More details of my recipes are in my books! check on 


Rice:the black quality “Venere”  (if you cannot find it use a Carnaroli or Arboreo rice)

Duck breast

Extra virgin olive oil

Marine salt

White wine

Balsamic vinegar

Tomato sauce or juice





Dry mushrooms (porcini)

Black olives

Green peas

Laurel (bay leaf)

Spices in powder (fresh are better): thyme, marjoram, nutmeg, rosemary, white pepper.

Risotto Venere (3)

Soften the dried mushrooms inside warm water, we use them later on.
Risotto Venere (5)

The duck breast.Risotto Venere (6)

Fry the chopped onion and carrot in two spoons of extra virgin olive oil.Risotto Venere (7)

As they fade add garlic and mushrooms.Risotto Venere (8)

Add the laurel too.
Risotto Venere (9)

Put the duck breast in to the pot with its skin down.
Risotto Venere (10)

Add the spices: thyme, marjoram, nutmeg, rosemary, white pepper.Risotto Venere (11)

You have to spread each one of the spices at time.

Rosemary.Risotto Venere (12)

Thyme.Risotto Venere (15)


Add a pinch of nutmeg and the white pepper too.Risotto Venere (16)

Two or three pinches of marine salt are needed: later on you will check the salinity adding more salt (if necessary).Risotto Venere (17)

Distribute the salt on top of the meat.Risotto Venere (18)

Let cook the skin side three-four minutes moving horizontally the breast in such way to avoid the garlic to burn, we will do this movement every time is possible, do not capsize the breast for now we want to roast the skin.Risotto Venere (20)

After this up side down the breast.Risotto Venere (21)

Do it using carefully a fork or a wooden tool, do not pierce the meat.
Risotto Venere (22)

Cook the meat side three-four minutes.
Risotto Venere (23)

Drop a part of the chopped parsley.Risotto Venere (25)

Again turn upside down the breast: in order to get a crispy skin we will cook its side longer.Risotto Venere (26)

Drop a bit of balsamic vinegar on top of the meat.Risotto Venere (27)

As we add the balsamic vinegar we cover with a lid: keep close one-two minutes.Risotto Venere (28)

Open and turn the breast upside down.Risotto Venere (30)

Add half glass of white wine.Risotto Venere (32)

Cover with the lid and cook three-four minutes.Risotto Venere (33)

Open and stir.Risotto Venere (35)

As you see in the picture nothing glued to the bottom of the pot, this because we had carefully and timely moved the meat horizontally. Risotto Venere (36)

Drop the black olives.Risotto Venere (38)

Always we keep moving the breast.Risotto Venere (39)

Add half glass of white wine.Risotto Venere (41)

Cover and cook three-four minutes.
Risotto Venere (42)

Take the laurel leaves off.Risotto Venere (44)

Get out the breast from the pot and keep warm aside.Risotto Venere (45)

We are going to cook the risotto inn this tasty sauce.Risotto Venere (46)

The “Venere” rice is a special black kind of rice.Risotto Venere (48)

Drop all the rice at once.Risotto Venere (49)

Stir well in the “soffritto” then add half glass of white wine.Risotto Venere (50)

 Cook one-two minutes, then drop one glass of tomato juice and mix; cook three-four minutes.

Risotto Venere (52)

Add one glass of broth (vegetable or chicken broth).Risotto Venere (54)

Since now you have to continuously stir the risotto adding broth when needed; the rice will absorb a quantity of broth two to three times its weigh.Risotto Venere (55)

As you see the rice becomes dry you add more broth (half glass a time).Risotto Venere (53)

Remember to check the salinity.Risotto Venere (56)

Add more salt only if needed and in small quantities a time.Risotto Venere (57)

Keep stirring.
Risotto Venere (58)

After twenty-twentifive minutes the risotto start to be ready.Risotto Venere (59)

It is time to drop the green peas (canned), if you use fresh ones please calculate the time they need to cook properly.Risotto Venere (60)

Also the green peas have to be mixed well to the risotto.Risotto Venere (61)

Add a last half glass of white wine.Risotto Venere (63)

Check if the rice is ready “al dente” and the salinity.Risotto Venere (64)

With a sharpen knife slice the breast.
Risotto Venere (68)

Warm it up in a fry pan or in the oven…do not use the microwave or you will overcook the meat!
Risotto Venere (69)

Make a pleasant presentation of this dish: it deserve it!Risotto Venere (70)

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Duck Breast & Venere Risotto

More details of my recipes are in my books! check on 

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