Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style








Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style


Duck breast





Extra virgin olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Marine salt




Anatra casserola a (1)









Anatra casserola a (3)


Using the fire get rid of the breast feathers.













Anatra casserola a (5)

The heat make easier to remove the feathers residuals.













Anatra casserola a (8)



This will be discarded.










Anatra casserola a (9)


Completed this task, wash the breast under fresh water.










Anatra casserola a (11)

Put a fry-pan on the fire (medium-high), seat in it each breast on its own skin.

You can add one spoon of extra virgin olive oil or not: broiling the skin the fat between the skin and the meat will become liquid: I use this oil for the recipe.









Anatra casserola a (12)

Cover with a lid and cook for five-six minutes.











Anatra casserola a (14)


As it is covered also the surface will cook.












Anatra casserola a (15)


After five-six minutes check if the skin is roasted realeasing its fat, capsize the breast now.










Anatra casserola a (16)


You can see how much oil has been released.










Anatra casserola a (18)


Cover and cook for two-three minutes.










Anatra casserola a (19)

Put the breasts in a separate plate, we will come back to it later on.











Anatra casserola a (20)


I use the fat oil to complete the recipe.









 Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style




anatra casserola (1)



Start frying the carrot (cut in small cubes) in the fat-oil where you have previously roasted the breast; keep the fire high.












anatra casserola (2)

Wait until the carrot starts to fade.














anatra casserola (3)

Add the chopped onion.














anatra casserola (4)

As it starts to fade add a pinch of marine salt.














anatra casserola (7)

Stir well, then cook covered with a lid for five-six minutes setting the fire low.














anatra casserola (9)

Add the chopped garlic and parsley.














anatra casserola (10)

Set the fire high and stir well.














anatra casserola (11)

Cut the mushroom in cubes.














anatra casserola (13)

Add the mushrooms to the soffritto, add one pinch of marine salt.














 anatra casserola (16)

Add the rest of mushrooms.














anatra casserola (17)

Cover with a lid and cook for three-four minutes.














 anatra casserola (22)

Keep cooking on low fire, stir.














Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style

anatra casserola (19)

Meantime cut in slices the breast, keep its juice using a plate.














anatra casserola (23)

Add the sliced breast to the fry-pan, included its juice, spread a pinch of marine salt on top.














anatra casserola (28)

You can see that the meat is not well done: this is because I want to make the meat to catch the taste of the mushrooms and more when we will add the balsamic.

I will complete the cooking on the next steps.














anatra casserola (29)

I like to have the meat soft and with a good degree of humidity, too: cover with a lid and cook for two-three minutes at low fire.














anatra casserola (31)

Open the lid and add few drops of Balsamic vinegar.














anatra casserola (32)

Stir everything.














anatra casserola (33)

Again cover with the lid, keep it on for one-two minutes.














anatra casserola (36)

Open and check for the salinity and the taste, if needed add more salt.














anatra casserola (37)

Set the fire high adding half glass of white wine, cook for another two-three minutes.














anatra casserola (39)

Remember to stir well while the wine evaporates.

Turn off the fire keeping the breast warm.

I use this sauce as condiment, if you like you can eat as it is now as main course.








Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style

anatra casserola (44)

Prepare boiling water with salt (one handful of marine salt for 3-4 liters of water).














anatra casserola (53)

One cup of rice is around 500 grams. Drop it in the boiling water.














anatra casserola (55)

Stir the rice or it will glue, it takes 8-10 minutes to cook aldente! Stir every two-three minutes.














anatra casserola (43)

As the rice is ready put two-three spoons in each plate adding the meat and part of the sauce on top of the rice.














anatra casserola (56)

That’s it! Buon appetito !!!

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Duck & Rice Farmer Style


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