Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)

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Frittelle Bianchetti (2)The fresh small newborns from pesce azzurro (anchovies, sardines, etc.) are the best for many preparations in particular our frittelle!









If you cannot get the fresh one these frozen are also good, de-frozen in salty water (make it with fresh water and a generous bunch of marine salt).Frittelle Bianchetti (3)










Frittelle Bianchetti (4)After this use a colander to drip off the water, be careful these fishes are really delicate.









We are going to use one pound of fish, six eggs, 300 grams of grated cheese one spoon of butter and two or three spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Frittelle Bianchetti (6)










Frittelle Bianchetti (7)Drop a bit of white pepper on the eggs.









Add two pinches of marine salt.

Frittelle Bianchetti (8)










Frittelle Bianchetti (9)

Before to stir you can add flavors you like.










Frittelle Bianchetti (10)I add chopped parsley and garlic.







Also I add two spoons of butter (I melt it with the fork).Frittelle Bianchetti (12)










Frittelle Bianchetti (13)


Now I mix everything using a fork.









I am needing a spoon to do the next operation.   Frittelle Bianchetti (15)









Frittelle Bianchetti (16)I add the grated cheese (pecorino or parmesan seasoned cheese).











Frittelle Bianchetti (17)

I mix well with the spoon.










Frittelle Bianchetti (18)I obtain a cream.









Frittelle Bianchetti (19)I add the fish: note that I did not cook the fish the color is due to they were frozen, the fresh ones are transparent o silvering.









Frittelle Bianchetti (20)I mix all together with kindness.









Frittelle Bianchetti (24)Check: it is good to fry; if it was too watery I add more cheese, if it was too solid I add one more egg.









Frittelle Bianchetti (25)

Heat well an antiadherent fry pan, if it is a copper or inron pan you can use some extra virgin olive oil to fry.










Frittelle Bianchetti (26)Drop one full spoons a time, let cook on one side then turn it upsidedown and cook the other side.











Frittelle Bianchetti (27)Keep always the fire high but be careful to not burn the fritters.











Frittelle Bianchetti (29)Cook all the fritters, you can keep in the fridge for tomorrow the cooked fritters but not their raw cream (pasta).










Frittelle Bianchetti (28)You can dry the excess of oil using a towel.











Few other pictures follows.   Frittelle Bianchetti (30)










Cook well both sides.

Frittelle Bianchetti (29)












Frittelle Bianchetti (31)Spread some marine salt on the top and serve.


Buon Appetito !!!









Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)

Find more details in my culinary books published by






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