Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Roe” & Asparagus Risotto

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Roe” & Asparagus Risotto

More details in my culinary books published in

I got fish roe inside fresh fishes.

I put apart in white wine.

I prepare a broth with seacricket, any fish with just water is fine.

I have some fresh asparagus.

Drop two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil in the pot and fry some garlic

drop the asparagus cuts.

fry three-five minutes, remove the garlic. 

Add some butter (no margarine please: I said butter).

Fry and stir until the butter melts.

Drop the fish eggs (fish roe).

Gently open their sack to let the eggs gush out.

Stir well, fry just one minute.

Squeeze one lemon in the “soffritto”. 

Drop the rice (one pound)

Stir and fry one-two minutes, then start to add the broth.

Add two-three pinches of marine salt, you will check the salinity before to complete the cooking.

Stir and, as the rice dry the broth, add more broth, do that until the risotto is perfectly cooked “al dente”.

Your risotto is ready now! you can use the same sauce as pasta condiment: only you have to add only half glass of broth.

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Roe” & Asparagus Sauce

More details in my culinary books published in

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