Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizza Casareccia

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizza Casareccia

More details in my books published on

Pizza Casareccia (1)

To make this pizza I used the “lievito madre” which is yeast kept under fermentation for long time: often for decades. The “lievito madre” is commonly used in the Italian bakeries and few times at home. You can use a normal yeast, dry or fresh, no worries.

Pizza Casareccia (3)

I add 200 grams of “lievito madre” to one pound of flour type “00” manitoba which is the best to make pizza because the consistency of the dough becomes more elastic and it not break while we work it.

Pizza Casareccia (4)

I drop half glass of extra virgin olive oil and three-four pinches of marine salt.

Pizza Casareccia (5)

I start to work the dough adding two glasses of water, it takes time to properly incorporate the water in the flour.

Pizza Casareccia (7)

FInally I finish the dough.

Pizza Casareccia (8)

It is ready when it doesn’t stick anymore on the bowl.

Pizza Casareccia (9)

As you see the dough is very soft but compact as I left it leave the bowl with no residual glued on it.

Pizza Casareccia (10)

The  dough needs to rest for a while, between 3 to 12 hours, you can prepare in the evening and keep aside, cover the bowl with a clean dish-cloth but be careful the cloth has not to touch the dough.

Pizza Casareccia (11)

After the levitation is completed.

Pizza Casareccia (12)

I use aluminum oven pan, spry some flour on the bottom.

Pizza Casareccia (13)

I get a part of dough which I need.


Pizza Casareccia (15)

I want a crispy pizza so I go straight to flat the dough: before with my hands.

If you want a softer pizza you have to re-work the dough before to make it flat.

Pizza Casareccia (14)

Then I use the “mattarello” to make it flat shaping it to fit in to the oven pan.

Pizza Casareccia (16)

I set the flattened dough in the oven pan, adjusting the border with my fingers.

Pizza Casareccia (33)

I put in to the oven at 400 Fahrenheit (200 Celsius) to dry up the surface.

Pizza Casareccia (35)

After five minutes is ready and I get it out.

Pizza Casareccia (17)

The tomato sauce has to be tasty and simple and more than anything quick to prepare:

I use just olives, laurel (bay leaves), garlic, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, marine salt.

Pizza Casareccia (18)

Fry the garlic and laurel in two spoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza Casareccia (19)

As the garlic starts to bacome yellow add the tomato juice (here it will be one liter in total).

Pizza Casareccia (21)

Here I put half of the tomato juice and stir.

Pizza Casareccia (22)

Adding two pinches of marine salt.

Pizza Casareccia (23)

Adding the rest of the tomato juice.

Pizza Casareccia (24)

I chopped the olives: drop them in the sauce.

Set the sauce to boil, check the salinity.

Pizza Casareccia (28)

Let the sauce to boil for five to eigh minutes: it is ok now.

Note that the sauce will cook inside the oven, later on.


Pizza Casareccia (38)

Spread the sauce on top of the partially cooked dough.

Pizza Casareccia (39)

Put some capers here and there.

Pizza Casareccia (40)

I choose salt anchovies today, you can use ham or pancetta, mushrooms or what you like.

Pizza Casareccia (41)

If you like oregano or chilly you can add it now.

Pizza Casareccia (43)

Cheese has to be added: today choice is mozzarella and tomino cheese.

Pizza Casareccia (44)

Cut the cheese in pieces.

Pizza Casareccia (45)

Put on the surface the tomino cheese and mozzarella: you can use any cheese you like.

Pizza Casareccia (46)

Put in the oven at least at 600 Fahrenheit (300 Celsius).

Pizza Casareccia (47)

It should be ready in twenty minutes: don’t care about the watch but use your nose as the nice pizza smell come out from the oven check!

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizza Casareccia

More details in my books published on

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