Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizzas

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quickie Homemade Pizzas

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Pizza Casareccia (2)

This time I use the famous “lievito madre” which means mother yeast…

most of the Italian restaurants claims they keep their own mother yeast for centuries….

Someone said “this was made by the grand-father of my grand-father and my family cares it like a son…..

well……I made it in a week.












Pizza Casareccia (3)


There are many ways to make the pizza dough, this is a fast one: using more yeast than usual you can cut the time the dough need to properly “grew” and to reduce the taste of  yeast I use the “lievito madre” in good quantity.

I was saing to make a good quickie “impasto” for pizza:

The “lievito madre” has to be half of the weight of the flour.

The flour has to be type “mannitoba” flour, I use to mix 3/4 of mannitoba with 1/4 of half type “00” flour and half type “0” flour.

You should experiment, anyway 100% of mannitoba is OK.

Add two or three pinches of marine salt and two or three spoons of extra virgin olive oil (each 2 pounds of flour).









Pizza Casareccia (4)



Add cold water, fresh and clean, half glass a time, while doughing.














Pizza Casareccia (5)


You will see the dough to adhere to your fingers, continue to work the dough until it not stick to your fingers anymore…add more water and do the same again.

Perhaps you need half liter of water for two pounds of flour, perhaps more, just keep in mind that more water you are  able to add more the pizza will be soft and good.

If you cannot get a perfect dough no worries, just add more flour to dry a bit the dough.









Pizza Casareccia (7)


When you feel the dough is done (…it needs at least half hour working it anyway…) spread some flour on it, set to rest in a bowl making a cross on top with a knife.

Set to rest covered with a clean dish-cloth (has not to touch the dough).


















Pizza Casareccia (8)


After it rest at minimum four-six hours get few balls (big alike a fist) of the dough.


















Pizza Casareccia (15)



Start working it with your hand making a rotatory push with your fingers and palm.












Pizza Casareccia (14)


Help yourself with the “mattarello” wood-stick to flat it properly.



















Pizza Casareccia (16)

At your home I suggest to use an aluminum oven pan, just spread some flour on the bottom then put the flatted dough inside.















Pizza Casareccia (33)


In the case you use liquid tomato juice this is a trick to avoid to make your pizza too watery:

Put inside the oven at 400-480 fahrenheit.

Let it there only for five minutes to dry the surface.

















Pizza Casareccia (36)


Take from the oven: now the surface is dry.















Pizza Casareccia (38)



With the trick of the dry surface you can put the tomato sauce as you want (without make your pizza sticky and wet).














Pizzas (10)


Add ham, pancetta, mushrooms, pepper-bells. cheese, mozzarella, capers, anchovies, oregano, whatever you’d like to add.














Pizza Casareccia (46)

Put back in the oven, keep temperature above 480 fahrenheit (I cook it at 600…or more!)





















Pizzas (11)

How long you cook is upon the ingredients you used.

I use my nose, as I smell pizza I go to check if is ready!














Pizzas (9)



Many different ingredients make the pizza tasty, remember the humidity of ingredient can compromise the result.













Pizzas (0)


Some more detailsfor you: the dough has to grown very well but remember: do not keep it to rest for more than 12 hours.

Keep the dish-cloth humid.

Make a cross cut on the top.

You can use dry yeast too.

You can use milk instead of water.









Pizzas (1)

After the dough has grown I work it again five to ten minutes: the volume decrease.














Pizzas (2)


I get some balls from it cutting with my hands.















Pizzas (3)

I try not to use the knife, respect the food.















Pizzas (4)


Again I put the balls to grown for 20-30 minutes.















Pizzas (6)


You can use the “mattarello” wood-stick to flat the dough.














Pizzas (5)


Moving it up and down, then upside down and do the other side.

Give the shape of your oven-pan.














Pizzas (12)


Well, more details in the section: preparation – dough.

Experiment, you will never fail if you love pizza……













Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizzas

Find more details in my culinary books published by


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