Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Old Fashion Ragout

I will make this sauce with residual of food found in my fridge I bought only the minched beef and the tomatoes
to start chop an onion small
I still have some broiled beef from yesterday I will use it
I start to fry inside the oily fry pan used yesterday to broil the beef
After the chopped onion I add a bit of oil
I have gotten rosemary and garlic from my garden
in my fridge I found fat from prosciutto
I chop it together with rosemary and garlic

I drop it along with the onion
Add two leaves of laurel from my garden
a pound of minched beef
I put in the pan
I spread the small pieces of minched beef using the fork
add a pinch of salt
get the old broiled beef
cut it in pieces
drop in the fry pan
add half glass of red wine and stir
cover with a lid
yesterday I made a ox bone broth here the residual cleaned from the bones
meat and nerves
I cut everything small
I add to the fry pan
stir and add another halfg glass of red wine
cover with a lid
open after three-four minutes and stir then add two pound of tomatoes juice
stir weel then cook it slowly
check the salinity if needed add more salt
cook twenty-thirty minutes always stirring
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