Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quick Fish Rice

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quick Fish Rice

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Risotto Veloce (1)Often we do not have enough time to go to the market to get fresh fish, so what we do? we keep some frozen fish in the fridge.

This is a quick recipe just if you are in hurry….obviously you can use fresh fillet of fish and this dish will be even tastier.

















Risotto Veloce (2)Ingredients:

Rice – boiled

Grouper or any other fish -fillets



Olives black


Extra virgin olive oil

Tomato sauce (or juice of fresh tomatoes or even fresh tomatoes in pieces)

Marine salt










Risotto Veloce (5)Fry the chopped carrot in two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil.




















Risotto Veloce (7)As they take color add garlic and scallion.


















Let the scallion to fade and the garlic to get yellow.Risotto Veloce (8)



















Risotto Veloce (9)Mean time cut the fish in pieces.


















Risotto Veloce (10)Add the fish.





















Risotto Veloce (11)Add two pinches of salt.


















Risotto Veloce (12)Chop the olives.





















Drop the olives in the sauce.Risotto Veloce (13)



















Risotto Veloce (15)Cook stirring for a couple of minutes, then add three-four spoons of tomato.

Let the sauce to boil.



















Check for the salt: add more if needed.Risotto Veloce (16)



















Risotto Veloce (17)Drop the boiled rice in to the boiling sauce.



















Risotto Veloce (18)Stir well a couple of minutes.

After this serve.


Buon Appetito !!!








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