Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Ricotta Cheesecake

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Ricotta Cheesecake

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Cheesecake (2)

Cornflour – two spoons

Flour type “00” – two spoons

Lime or Lemon – two

Eggs – six

Sugar (brown) 250 grams (9 ounces)

Ricotta or cream cheese – 500 grams (one pound)

Dough for cakes – (look in this website: Dough for Cakes # 3)











Cheesecake (10)

This is fresh “ricotta” cheese: if you cannot find it use the same quantity of a good cream cheese.
















Cheesecake (4)

Squeeze the two limes

















Cheesecake (5)

Separate the egg yolks from the whites, keep aside.

















Cheesecake (6)

Blend the egg whites until it becomes consistent and firm ( like to make “meringa”) just to let you know, accidentally I break one yolk… so what I did? I added one more egg , leaving the yolk whit the whites…it will be good the same…


















Cheesecake (7)

Anyway do not mind to much to make the whites perfects, just blend them.















Cheesecake (13)

I drop just one spoon of lime juice in to the blender.















Cheesecake (17)

I add 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of brown sugar.

















Cheesecake (19)

Add two spoons of corn-flour.
















Cheesecake (22)

Add one spoon of flour “00”.

















Cheesecake (24)

Set apart the mixture in to a bowl.















Cheesecake (25)

Put in the blender the “ricotta” cheese and the eggs yolks.















Cheesecake (29)

Add 150 grams (5-6 ounces) of brown sugar.















Cheesecake (30)

Blend, adding the remaining juice of the two limes.

















Cheesecake (32)

Mix with the egg whites previously in the bowl.















Cheesecake (34)

I also add the remains of the limes















Cheesecake (37)

Mix everything well.
















Cheesecake (38)

Prepare a small dough inside an oven-pan (find the receipt in preparations)
















Cheesecake (39)

With kindness, pour the mixture inside the dough.















Cheesecake (40)

Cut the excess of dough around.


















Cheesecake (41)

It is easier using the scissors.















Cheesecake (48)

Now it is ready to go!















Cheesecake (49)

Put in the hot oven.

300 Celsius ( 600 Fahrenheit) for around 20 minutes… anyway you have to smell the good cake perfume and also check with toothpick if is dry and consequently cooked.















Cheesecake (54)


A good color has to become the top of the cake.














Cheesecake (59)


No worries, it is only the top now we go to open it….














Cheesecake (62)

The cake is extremely delicate and it is soft and dry.











Cheesecake (63)

Important is the consistence…













Cheesecake (42)…………………..anything left?


What to do with the remains of the dough?















Cheesecake (43)


Go to dough the remains together.


















Cheesecake (45)

make the dough thin.

















Cheesecake (50)

using a glass make rounded pieces.














Cheesecake (51)


make as many as you can.















Cheesecake (52)


just push on sugar.









Cheesecake (60)

put in the oven and make cookies!









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