Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Risotto With Garfish (Needle Fish)




Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Garfish (Needlefish) Risotto

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Rice (Carnaroli or Aboreo)- one pound

Garfish (needlefish) – one pound

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Two spoons

White wine


Garlic & Parsley


Marine salt
Aguglie (3)














First of all we have to clean the scales of the fishes, wash them then clean the inside of each fish: open their belly to extract all their organs to be discarded.
Risotto Aguglia (1)















Cut the fish on its back (where is the dorsal fin)Risotto Aguglia (2)













Insert a finger inside to separate the flesh from the bones.

Risotto Aguglia (3)















Do this and be careful to not remain bones along with the flesh.
Risotto Aguglia (5)















Work alike in the picture.
Risotto Aguglia (6)















You can also cut the sides of the fish neck.Risotto Aguglia (13)














Then insert the finger to grab the flesh.
Risotto Aguglia (12)
















The fish backbone will be clean.
Risotto Aguglia (10)
















Recover the flesh in to a cup.
Risotto Aguglia (15)















I use bones and head to prepare the broth (we will use later)
Risotto Aguglia (16)















Chop an onion.

Risotto Aguglia (16a)
















Fry it in two spoons of extra virgin olive oil.
Risotto Aguglia (17)














As the onion fades add one spoon of chopped garlic and parsley.

Risotto Aguglia (23)
















As the garlic start to fade drop the fish.
Risotto Aguglia (24)















Meantime the broth is ready.
Risotto Aguglia (25)















Stir wellthe fish in the “soffritto”.
Risotto Aguglia (26)















In two three minutes the fish is cooked.
Risotto Aguglia (27)
















Drop the rice.
Risotto Aguglia (29)

















Stir. Risotto Aguglia (30)















keep frying the rice for one or two minutes.
Risotto Aguglia (31)














Drop some pine-cones.
Risotto Aguglia (32)















Risotto Aguglia (35)















Get the broth which you prepared before.
Risotto Aguglia (36)















Add small quantities of broth only when necessary.
Risotto Aguglia (37)
















Yu have to add marine salt too: two or three pinches should be enough.
Risotto Aguglia (39)

















Continue to stir, as the rice absorb the broth you add more.
Risotto Aguglia (41)
















Always in small quantities.
Risotto Aguglia (42)
















The rice have to remain humid.
Risotto Aguglia (43)
















Check the salinity after 20-25 minutes since the rice was dropped.
Risotto Aguglia (46)
















Also add the needed salt in small quantities.
Risotto Aguglia (47)
















Check again the salinity and if the rice is properly cooked “aldente”.
Risotto Aguglia (49)
















At the last minutes drop 1/4 of glass of white wine: this is “Prosecco dellla Valdobbiadene” one of my favorites wines.
Risotto Aguglia (53)
















As you drop the wine you stir the risotto.
Risotto Aguglia (54)
















Risotto needs 25 to 30 minutes to cook properly.
Risotto Aguglia (55)
















This simple risotto can be made with any kind of fish.
Risotto Aguglia (61)











Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Needle Fish Risotto

More details in my books published on

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