Cooking Foods Italian Recipes- Roasted Small Tuna


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes- Roasted Small Tuna 

More details in my books published in

The fresh small tuna weigh 4 pounds each, I will cut head and tie to fit ttem inside the oven pan.Small Tuna (1)







Using the sharp  saw of a small knife I start to cut following the gill.Small Tuna (3)







I go straight to the top of the head.
Small Tuna (4)








I do the same on the other side.
Small Tuna (5)








I find the backbone: from this position is easy to cut it.
Small Tuna (6)








I cut the lower part of the gill to detach the head.
Small Tuna (7)








Also I could use a scissor to do this operation.
Small Tuna (8)








I have already cleaned the inside of the fish just before.
Small Tuna (9)








As I incided all the head I firmly catch head and body with my hands.
Small Tuna (11)








I can snap easily the backbone now.
Small Tuna (13)








Cut the tie.
Small Tuna (14)








I fit the fish inside an oven pan good enough to contain the fish.
Small Tuna (15)








As herbs I will use basil and garlic.
Small Tuna (17)








P will spread marine salt on the internal and external of the fish.
Small Tuna (18)








A good pinch inside the belly.
Small Tuna (19)








A good pinch on the sides.
Small Tuna (20)








I insert basil leaves in the belly. Small Tuna (24)







Just 2 leaves for each fish are enough.
Small Tuna (25)








I cut the garlic in slices. Small Tuna (21)








Insert the garlic in the belly too.
Small Tuna (27)








I cut other garlic.

Small Tuna (26)









I put this garlic aroun the fishes.
Small Tuna (27)









Small Tuna (28)

One spoon of extra virgin olive oil on each fish, I let it enter the bellies.








One glass of white wine: an half on top of the fish (I try to not wash away the salt, you can add the salt after the wine instead) the other half inside the oven pan.
Small Tuna (30)










The fishes are ready.    Small Tuna (33)








I use oven paper to cover the pan.

Small Tuna (35)










I sealed the oven pan with the paper.
Small Tuna (36)










I put in the oven at temperature of 250 Celsius (500 Fahrenheit) for one hour.
Small Tuna (37)









I get the fish from the oven: I will open thepaper when ready for the table.
Small Tuna (39)











The final result.     Small Tuna (40)












Cooking Foods Italian Recipes- Roasted Small Tuna 

More details in my books published in



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