Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Softy Asparagus Pie


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Softy Asparagus Pie

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Tortino Asparagi (1)Clean and wash the asparagus (5oo grams): separate the harder and tender parts.












Tortino Asparagi (3)Fry some chopped garlic in extra virgin olive oil and butter (half & half).











Tortino Asparagi (7)As the garlic start to get yellow drop the harder parts of the asparagus which you have already cut less than half inch in length.









Fry a couple of minutes, then add a pinch of marine salt.

Tortino Asparagi (9)












Tortino Asparagi (12)Add a bunch of salt in to a pot of water, cut in pieces and boil 250 grams of potatoes.











Tortino Asparagi (15)Cook the asparagus four -five minutes.









Add the tender parts of asparagus to fry.

Tortino Asparagi (14)










Tortino Asparagi (17)Cook for two-three minutes.










Tortino Asparagi (20)Drop half glass of white wine in the asparagus, stir well and cover: keep cooking (covered) on small fire for five minutes. After that stop the fire.











Check the potatoes: when cooked you can easily insert a fork, do not overcook.Tortino Asparagi (16)











Tortino Asparagi (24)Use a colander to drip the water from the potatoes.











Tortino Asparagi (30)Put the potatoes in a bowl.










Put 50 grams of butter in a pot, warm it up.

Tortino Asparagi (32)










Mash the boiled potatoes in to it. Tortino Asparagi (34)










Add half glass of milk.  Tortino Asparagi (38)











Tortino Asparagi (39)Raise the fire moderately and stir the milk in the potatoes.









The potatoes will absorb the milk.            Tortino Asparagi (40)











Tortino Asparagi (41)Keep stirring until the potatoes cream starts to boil.










Tortino Asparagi (42)Add two pinches of marine salt. Stir well.












Add (always stirring well) 200 grams of flour type 00.Tortino Asparagi (59)












Tortino Asparagi (61)Add three whole eggs.











Tortino Asparagi (62)Again stir everything.











Tortino Asparagi (66)As all the flour is well diluted pour the cream in the asparagus.












Tortino Asparagi (69)Mix everything.













Tortino Asparagi (72)Pour in the oven pan, the has been already oiled and passed with some flour.










Tortino Asparagi (74)Cook in theoven at 280 Celsius for 45 minutes but remember to check the smell of cooked pie and when you notice it use a toothpick to find the humidity; if no paste stick on the toothpick it means it is ready.









Tortino Asparagi (76)The pie will result very softand delicate.










Tortino Asparagi (78)Remember that you can check your pies with the toothpick.











Just insert the toothpick inside the pie and see when it remains dry the pie is ready. Tortino Asparagi (83)











Tortino Asparagi (87)Buon appetito !












Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Softy Asparagus Pie

More details in my books published by

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