Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spianata Siciliana (Schiacciata)

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spianata Siciliana (Schiacciata)

More details in my culinary books published by






This receipe is very the same of the Pizzata that I had already posted, however it is so good that I propose it again with small variation:

different choice of cheese and a stewed pepperbells (we dont peel them this time).


Two pepperbells and one onion

Cut the pepperbell

Put in the fry pan at slow fire

Add two pinches of marine salt

Cut the onion very thin

Add on the top

Continue to cook at slow fire

Cover with a lid:  cook five minutes

Open the lid: the pepperbells faded and start to brownie

Now you add two spoons of extra virgin olive oil

Raise up the fire and stir just two minutes

Then cover it again and let cook five minutes at low fire again


Put in to a plate

Let cool down


This time we will put soft cheese (stracchino) and light seasoned cheese (fontina, mozzarella); you get cheese of your choice

Cotto and different kinds of salame are part of the recipe; you get of your choice

Prepare pasta for pizza: recipe is in my website or you can buy it from a bakery

Separate the quantity you need

Always cut the pasta for pizza with your fingers

Flat it thin

Check for the right size you need


Spread some flour on the oven-pan bottom


Set the pasta down to cover the bottom

You could also exceed the border if you like


Start with a layer of cotto

Spread a bit of tomato sauce

Set some cheese now

Add the pepperbell

Add salame (spicy one)

Again add cheese and tomato sauce

Make another very thin layer of pasta

Set it on the top of the oven-pan

Seal the border, do not make the border too thick: cut the excess of pasta

Make holes on the top

Put in the oven (250 C / 480 F – 15/20 minutes)

The smell and the top color reveal to you when is cooked anyway

Let cool down

Cut in pieces and serve






Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spianata Siciliana (Schiacciata)

More details in my culinary books published by

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