Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spicy Fish Sauce




Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spicy Fish Sauce

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This is a spicy fish sauce which can be eat with bread, added to other dishes or as condiment for pasta and rice.


Fresh sardines (cleaned from the bones) one pound (500 grams)

Extra virgin olive oil

Marine salt

Chillies pepper


Laurel (bay leaf)

Fennel seeds



Other spices you like to add

Tomato paste or dried tomato (blended with the Chillies)

Sardella & sugo (8)

We get fresh fish “sardines” around one pound (half-kilo). We clean each fish from its bones, leaving only the flesh.

Sardella & sugo (2)

We can add many different spices of our choice, chilly is indispensable.
Sardella & sugo (4)

This is a hot spiced chilly pepper from Calabria.Sardella & sugo (10)

Clean well the fish from bones and scales: one by one and then wash in salty water.Sardella & sugo (9)

Remove the stem and prepare the chillies to be blended along with the garlic.
Sardella & sugo (11)

You can remove all the seeds or keep them: this is up to you; I remove at least half of the seeds because this kind of chillies is very rich of them.
Sardella & sugo (12)

Use the blender to make a fine pasta with chillies and garlic.
Sardella & sugo (13)

After a first chop add some extra virgin olive oil to make your chillies paste more consistent.
Sardella & sugo (14)

Add the thyme: only its leaves.
Sardella & sugo (15)

Add two pinches of fennel seeds. Sardella & sugo (17)

Add the sage and two pinches of marine salt.
Sardella & sugo (18)

A good quality of basil or rosemary could be added instead of the sage.
Sardella & sugo (19)

Blend everything.
Sardella & sugo (20)

Whole leaves of laurel are added inside a container: add some extra virgin olive oil.
Sardella & sugo (21)

Add two spoons of the paste you prepared.
Sardella & sugo (22)

Make one layer of sardines.
Sardella & sugo (23)

  cover with two spoons of chillies pèaste: do  more layer until you finish all the fishes.Sardella & sugo (24)

Finish with a layer of chillies paste covering on the top. Keep at normal temperature (70 º F or 21 º C or if it is summer put in the fridge but not too cold!) for three days.
Sardella & sugo (31)

After three days move the fishes this in order to make the chillies paste to go everywhere inside the fishes.

Sardella & sugo (32)

Be careful to not break the fishes.
Sardella & sugo (33)

I use to start moving the sides and then moving to the middle just lifting  a bit the fishes: I want just that oil and paste reach everywhere.Sardella & sugo (37)Now it is ready to stay refrigerated for seven-eight days.

Sardella & sugo (40)

So I keep in the fridge at 40º Fahrenheit (4º Celsius).Sardella & sugo (41)

I love eat this paste spread on fresh bread.
Sardella & sugo (43)

How to make a spicy sauce for your pasta? Chop some garlic.
Sardella & sugo (44)

Roast it in a fry-pan.
Sardella & sugo (45)

Add two spoons of tomato sauce. Make it to boil.
Sardella & sugo (47)

Add some of your spicy sauce with two or three sardines.
Sardella & sugo (49)

Stir well.

Sardella & sugo (52)

Let cook for three-four minutes.
Sardella & sugo (53)

Add half glass of white wine.

Sardella & sugo (58)

Cook other three-four minutes to consume the wine.
Sardella & sugo (60)

As the sauce get consistency it is ready.
Sardella & sugo (62)

This sauce will make your pasta a special spicy dish.
Sardella & sugo (63)

Just boil the pasta and then drop it inside the fry-pan, start  the fire and mix with the sauce two-three minutes.
Sardella & sugo (64)

Buon Appetito !
Sardella & sugo (65)

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Spicy Fish Sauce

        More details of my recipes are in my books! check on 

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