Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Mushrooms “Accomodati”


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Mushrooms “Accomodati”

More details in my books published in






Funghi accomodati (2)Today I prepare pine three mushrooms stewed with potatoes, these are fresh mushrooms but you can do the same with frozen mushrooms of any type (porcini, ovoli, etc.).









Funghi accomodati (6)Some herbs will be used: garlic, parsley and laurel (or bay-leaf).









Funghi accomodati (7)Peel the garlic, wash the parsley.









Funghi accomodati (8)

Chop them small.










Get the potatoes, usually their weight is half the weight of mushrooms. Funghi accomodati (3)









Funghi accomodati (9)Peel the potatoes, then cut them in pieces notbigger than half inch in width.









Funghi accomodati (10)With this size is easier to cook the potatoes along with the mushrooms.









Funghi accomodati (11)Put two spoons of extra virgin olive oil and two spoons of butter in to the pot.









Funghi accomodati (12)As the butter melts drop four or five leaves of laurel.









Add the garlic and parsley.Funghi accomodati (14)









Funghi accomodati (15)




Then the potatoes: make them to roast slowly.





Funghi accomodati (18)Keep stirring and cook at least  five-six minutes.









Funghi accomodati (20)Cut in pieces the mushrooms and drop them to the soffritto.









Funghi accomodati (21)Cook three or four minutes (kindly stirring) then add two-three pinches of marine salt.









Funghi accomodati (22)

Spread well the salt everywhere and stir.








Funghi accomodati (23)Be careful to not break the mushrooms.









Add one full glass of white wine. Funghi accomodati (26)









Funghi accomodati (27)Cover with a lid and cook four-five minutes with low fire.









Funghi accomodati (30)Open the lid and stir well.









Funghi accomodati (31)Cover again andcook another four-five minutes  covered.










Funghi accomodati (34)

Open the lid and raise the fire hight.









Funghi accomodati (37)Stir well until the consistence of the liquid inside is good, check the salinity: note that if there is not enaugh salt or too much water the mushrooms will get a bitter taste.









Funghi accomodati (41)

Serve on the side, as appetizer or as main vegetarian course.






Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Mushrooms “Accomodati”

More details in my books published in

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