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More details are in my culinary books published by




Let’s get fresh vegetables: carrots, onions, turnips, eggplants; you can ad more of your choice.

Aside keep ready extra virgin olive oil, marine salt and if you like white wine.

Ortaggi Stufati (2)













I added mushrooms, potatoes and garlic (also few basil leaves or thyme if you have

Ortaggi Stufati (4)












Ortaggi Stufati (6)

Peel the eggplant,












Cut it in dices (cubes of half inch) and put in the hot fry-pan. Note I’ll add oil later. Start to cook.Ortaggi Stufati (8)













Cut potatoes and carrots and add to it.Ortaggi Stufati (9)















Ortaggi Stufati (10)Stirring you let to cook for seven-eight minutes: stir to avoid the vegetables stick on the bottom of the fry-pan.













Drop the onions.Ortaggi Stufati (11)












Add two pinches of marine salt. Stir well.Ortaggi Stufati (13)













Ortaggi Stufati (14)


Cook until the onion fades.










Ortaggi Stufati (16)Drop the mushrooms.













Ortaggi Stufati (18)Stir well, then add two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Stir well again.
















Ortaggi Stufati (19)Cover with a lid and let it cook three-four minutes.













Chop some garlic and other spices if like.Ortaggi Stufati (20)














Ortaggi Stufati (22)Add the garlic, stir, then add the turnip which you cut already.













Ortaggi Stufati (23)If you like add half glass of white wine, or broth or even water, this is needed to humidify the vegetables.










Stir well and cover with a lid, cook two minutes.

Ortaggi Stufati (26)













Ortaggi Stufati (27)

Open the lid and cook few minutes to eventually dry excess of water.











Ortaggi Stufati (29)After this you are ready to serve as appetizer, side dish or vegetarian main curse may be with some vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.












Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Vegetables 1

More details are in my culinary books published by







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