Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tortino Broccoli & Ricotta

Ingredients: boiled broccoli 500 gr,ricotta cheese 250 gr, four eggs, grated parmisan 100 gr, flour type 00 50 gr, pancetta sliced 100 gr, pasta sfoglia from the market
flat the pasta sfoglia in the oven pan
put the ricotta cheese and the eggs inside the blender
add the broccoli
blend then add the grated parmisan cheese
add one pinch of salt
and the flour, blend well
set slices of pancetta on the bottom of the oven pan
put the blended mix and flat it
add some drops of oil on top: you could garnish the top as you like also cover it with a layer of pasta
bend the pasta to the inside
put in the oven 180 celsius for 45 minutes
are cooked
let cool down before to cut
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