Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tortino Zucchini

Ingredients: two zucchini – two eggs – one onion – 100 gr of grated cheese – 250 grams ricotta cheese – 50 grams flour type 00 – garlic
cut zucchini half inch thick
fry in a fry-pan adding just a bit of extra virgin oil
put in the blender along with garlic and onion
blend then add eggs and ricotta cheese
blend then add the grated cheese
and the flour
along with one pinch of salt bled well
I prepared a dough recipe is in Preparations
flat the dough inside the oven pan
then spread the blended zucchini, ricotta, cheese, onion, garlic, flour
make it flat covering all the space
if you like add sliced zucchini on top, I don’t
put in the oven 180 celsius for 45 minutes
let it cool down before to cut
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