Country Roasted Potatoes


 I love simplicity, a simple vegetable can make your heart fly away in ecstasy….

Potatoes…I prefer the yellow quality from Bologna, yes, tasty, succulent Potatoes…. kids are crazy for it!

I show you the way I love the most:


Potatoes.. 2 or 4 pounds (1-2 Kilos)   –   few cloves of Garlic

two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil     –    3 pinch of Marine Salt










I love the skin of potatoes, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, so I proceed as follows:

clean with a soft brush the Potatoes, using a small knife discard only skin impurities; 

then wash very well with fresh running water 







 cut the potatoes in small cubes between one to two inches large, if you like bigger cut bigger!

 put in to a bowl………..











 cut the Garlic in small pieces, I let the skin on…









 add the Garlic to the Potatoes….










 ….add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil…three spoons for 4 pounds are enough: the Potatoes do not have to float in the oil!








 instead be generous with the Marine Salt……three pinches at least!










 mix everything with your bare hands: you must “feel” your preparation;

if you like you can add: Laurel, Thymus, Pepper, Chilly, or any other spice you like……but remember: too many ingredients make the food nasty, so be humble and use only few….here I used only one spice: Garlic. 








you need patience to settle the Potatoes down the oven pan: sit the Potatoes pieces on their skin, so they will not stick on the pan, otherwise you can put underneath oven paper but always pay attention: I put the pieces one-by-one giving enough space in the between, if the pieces surfaces touch they stick each other and this nobody like!









if  you want to fill all the bottom and also make a second layer: pay attention to set the potatoes touching each other only in the parts where there is the skin or the corner, in this way they do not glue together; instead if you drop down all the Potatoes without care you will not achieve the result and nobody will like your dish!









 the oven is at least 250 degrees Celsius (480 fahrenheit) you can do it at higher temperature, too, only pay attention that Potatoes do not burn…









 a visual check after 20 minutes should give you an idea if the Potatoes are ready… just try one!

if you made more layers may be you need to re-position the Potatoes in order to make those in the bottom with that small scorches which kids love so much…….

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