Cream Of Leek

This which we are going to prepare is a delicate Sauce of Vegetable it is suggested for dressing of either Fish or Meat, other Vegetables or even Eggs.












start cutting off the roots










you should see the edible part, if not you have to cut a bit more









look for the white part where is going to become green: cut there









you should see the edible part in the cut









do a longitudinal cut: all the way down separating each Leek in the middle









then do cuts of about half-inch, all the way










put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to warm up









then drop down the Leeks










add a pinch of Marine Salt








Chop one or two cloves of Garlic










add to fry










look the beautiful colors!










as everything fades










let few minutes to cool down then drop in the food-processor









add one-quarter of White Wine and chop everything!









take out from the food-processor









put back in the fry-pan still wet of oil or add just a spoon only of your precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil!








stir to dry until the Leek Cream is ready!









you can now set in a container ready for your main course!






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