Crispy Sea Food – Canolicchi Gratinati

Please, prior to proceed you must read my previous posts about Sea Food in the two categories “Ingredients” & “Preparations”

After that prepare yourself to an incredible dish: Crispy Sea Food!

I don’t add here any type of dressing you can add to this preparation, I eat Cannolicchi Gratinati with lemon and salt only, because I love in this way!!! but you are free to do what you like the most… and now just follow my instrunction….







you cooked already your Cannolicchis…the quantity was two pounds of fresh Cannolicchis, one Kilogram,  as per my post in “Preparations” category…












 Let’s break one fresh egg…













 puit a pinch of Marine Salt












 a spoon of “Garlic & Parsley Mix” …find it in category “Preparations”…












 mix the Egg with the Salt and the Garlic & Parsley












 well done!












dig the boiled Cannolicchi inside the mixture












 you should have enough for the quantity of seafood, anyway if you need or like add one more Egg with one pinch of Salt and another spoon of Garlic & Parsley!











 now, add one spoon of grated cheese (I use “Pecorino”cheese or “Parmigiano” use a seasoned grated cheese) for every Egg











 stir very well…all together!












 just like this!












 we are going to use the shells….












 …putting inside the shell the fruit of our seafood












 …more than one only…












 …please be generous!!! (just like I am !!!)












with the help of a spoon let’s cover everything with grated breed (dry)












 set the shell inside an oven pan












 fill all the bottom with our Sae Food!












 a little more bread where is needed…













 we are ready to go….












 in the oven 250-400 degrees Celsius (120-200 Fahrenheit)

 now you mus pay attention to not burn everything: the time of cooking is between 15 to 25 minutes, you should learn to sniff the smell when the Seqa food are ready, they simply will call your nose! if you notice smell of burnt hurry up! let’s check! be careful and everything will go fine and you will be really happy! suggestion: do not accept cell calls for a while.








You cannot believe it! you prepared this masterpiece! if the bread is not yet gratinated (brown) you just have to put back in the oven five minutes more!











 prepare the plate with kindness and love, spread some salt and lemon on top and eat this delicacy…. you are happy now!











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