Country Jam Cake – Crostata Rustica

The easier cake to do is “Crostata” with jam.  You can make your own jam or use a sweet compote of fruit or buy a good quality jam in the market. The dough “pasta” should be friable. The following is a genuine preparation which children adore, easy to make and healthy!






let’s go step-by-step to make this humble and wonderful cake!











Ingredients: (two cakes: why do I always prepare two pie or two cakes? this is because when ready the first one goes in one minute…eh eh eh! if you want just one cut the ingredients in half!)

9 ounces (250 grams) of Butter

16 ounces (500 grams) of Wheat Flour (type 00)

16 ounces (500 grams) of Jam of your favorite taste

2 Eggs – one glass of Brown Sugar – half Glass of Milk





in a bowl mix the Flour and the Sugar together










cut and place the Butter ion another bowl










you go to warm up the Butter: place the bowl on top of a hot spot…










…or use the “bagnomaria” system: on top of a pot where is water, the steam produced will warm your butter









as the Butter start to be soft you’ll add it to the Flour and Sugar










mix everything with your hands










as Butter, Flour and Sugar are well mixed…











add the Eggs










add the whole EggS: white and red!











add the Milk in small quantities a time: if the dough became too liquid add more Flour









after a while you will achieve a solid dough: consistent and not too much soft









here is what I mean!










spread some Flour on your wooden table, get your “Mattarello” and cut the dough in half (again, I remind you that this prepared are two cakes)









cut again the half in two pieces










go to work the first piece: the base










use your hands to make a round shape










then pass the “Mattarello”










make the dough larger, not necessarily too thin.












as you get the size of your oven-pan you should spread some Flour on top of it, then fold up the dough as per the pictures…









…to have a smaller size: I do that in order to avoid that the dough breaks as I will transfer it in to the oven-pan: you will have a very friable dough…if you use care and  kindness with it!








cover the oven-pan  bottom with oven-paper










spreading some water on the pan bottom will help you









to get a good set-up of the paper










spread a small quantity of Flour on top of this paper










now put in the center your folded dough









unfold it slowly and with care, cover the oven-pan bottom











using your fingers make the dough borders a little bit higher…

…after that spread the Jam covering all the spaces








with the remaining dough (second half of the first cake) prepare 6-7 small balls which you will roll to make cylinder shapes







then you can press flat the cylinders to stripes or leave them full-round, doesn’t matter, as you like!












you will put the stripes on the top of your cake












just to separate in many portions…









…or as decoration.











Finally put in the oven: temperature not too high or you will burn the Jam and the top of the cake: 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) are enough: keep always an eye on this cake during its cooking time: it should cook in 25-30 minutes.








it can happen that whilst you rolling the “pasta” to cylinder it opens and you cannot go forward: what to do?








just put it back in your hand











squeeze it and make a ball












press so it will become again consistent











and go back to roll it again.










time has passed, the smell is incredibly good!

you should have the cake stripes and border  “brownie”










Yes, as I told you I prepared two cakes, the first one lasted out of the oven for only four minutes , I just shot this picture then we got rid of it….



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