Deep Fried Baccala’ Fish









Chickpeas Flour – 18 ounces/500 grams

Wheat Flour type “oo” – 18 ounces/500 grams

Dry Yest – 25 grams

Baccala‘ Fish – 4 pounds/2 kilos

Baccala Fritto (12)

Mix together the flours and yeast.

Baccala Fritto (14)

Add tap water and mix.

Baccala Fritto (17)

If add water until reaching a good mixture.

Baccala Fritto (19)

It has to be fluid in the right way, now I show you how.

Baccala Fritto (20)

Using the wooden spoon you  let slip out some of the mixture. This in the picture starts to be fine but is still too hard.

Baccala Fritto (23)

Adding more water and stirring I achieved the result of a soft mixture which easy stick on the pieces of the fish, without creating clots.

Baccala Fritto (24)

The Baccala’ has to be already desalted in water for few days.

Baccala Fritto (25)

Cut the fish in pieces, 2x 4 inches.

Baccala Fritto (26)

Deep the fish in the mixture to be fully covered with it.

Baccala Fritto (27)

Let the extra mixture dripping down few seconds.

Baccala Fritto (28)

Deep fry in oil (Sunflowers or peanuts or any good oil to fry) at temperature of 200 Celsius/390 Fahrenheit.

Baccala Fritto (29)

Spread some marine salt on top and eat!

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