Dough for Cake #2 (Eggs – No Yeast)

 This dough “pasta” will be friable.


9 ounces (250 grams) of Butter

16 ounces (500 grams) of Wheat Flour (type 00)

2 Eggs 

one glass of Brown Sugar – half Glass of Milk




Few genuine ingredients only: this dough is for the humble cakes prepared by housewives, no yeast is used.

if you make just this dough and when it is ready if you want a simple pie, add only Raisins then knead a little to mix to the Raisins in the dough, then cook it and check for the wonderful result! simplicity is the key to happiness!



in to a bowl mix Flour and Sugar together












set the butter in to another bowl to melt










if the temperature is too rigid set the bowl to warm a little on top of a hot spot…











…or on top of a pot with boiling water “Bagnomaria” for few minutes…











…do not let the Butter become liquid, it just has to melt!










when the Butter becomes soft enough you add the Flour and Sugar










mix everything well











after that drop the whole Eggs….










….one by one….











….and the Milk, too.

then mix and knead until you reach…










a dough which doesn’t stick in your fingers.

please remember that if the dough is too liquid you must add Flour, if too solid add more Milk








you can also try a small bite to check if it is enough sweet: if you add more Sugar you need to knead again for a while to incorporate the Sugar to the dough











after this you can cut the part you need…










…depending on the size of the cake you’ll make…











…kneading with your hands and…










…shaping and modelling as you like…











…helping yourself with “Mattarello”










“Mattarello is a wonderful tool keep it always dry if some pasta stick and glue on it, remove the pasta and add some Flour to dry up the dough surface









when you have a thin and flat plate of pasta fold it three-four times…












this will help you while you set the pasta inside the oven-pan without break it.












to prepare the oven-pan and to avoid that your cake glue on the bottom, you can do different things, but the best way is the oven-paper…









just dripping some water on the bottom….










….and spreading it making the surface wet…










the oven-paper will adhere to the surface not moving anymore. after the cake will be cooked you will remove the paper from it.












a small quantity of Flour spread on the paper surface is suggested









now you get the folded pasta….












….opening it after inside the oven-pan, in this way you will not break it!











small, simple decorations can be made with part of the dough










giving different shapes












if happens that the dough is too delicate and break…











…you can just remodel it…












…just squeeze in your hand…










…re-do the shaping…








also having residuals you can do the same, do not waste any!










then you are ready to go again!











do what your fantasy ask…but keep everything simple….this is the key to happyness……















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