Dough for Cakes # 3






I am quickly going to explain you how to easy make a dough for cakes stuffed with sweet cream, like the “Fairy’s Pie”


















Ingredients: (one cake)

half pound (250 gr) of flour type “00”

2 oz (50 gr) of yeast

half-pound  (250 gr) of butter

4 oz (100 gr) of sugarone glass of whole milk














first of all we have to grown up the yeast, so put it in to warm milk adding half spoon of sugar













let it aside for 10-15 minutes.















Meanwhile put flour, butter and sugar in to a bowl














start to work them together…















…until you get small flakes (the consistence of grated cheese) of this mixture.














After this you will add the yeast dissolved in the milk…


















work everything.















working it for few minutes you will get a consistent dough














You will divide this dough in two parts














Let’s go to work the first part making it flat.














Help yourself with “mattarello” to make a flat shape which can fit inside your oven baking-pan















Set it inside the oven baking-pan. Cook at 660 Fahrenheit to dry it for three-four minutes, this is the base of your cake. the second part of the dough should be flatted and set as top of your cake, it  doesn’t need to be previously cooked.











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