Dough For Cakes # 1 (Yeast – No Eggs)

 Often we like to eat a Vegetable pie as appetizer and a good cake as dessert, too, without use many different ingredients and tools I tell you the easiest way: use the same base for the initial Dough! You can refer to the category “Dough-Impastare” to discover that the base of the Vegetable pie and simple cake I propose to you is the same, it is my intention make your life easy: this is why I simplified the preparations you get in my website.  


 The following recipe can be modified to have a softer or a crispy cake: simply use half and half of Flour and Butter if you like it soft or double the weight of Flour if you like it crispy (example one pound of Flour & one pound of Butter become soft instead one pound of Flour and half pound of Butter become crispy).






We will start with the Beer Yeast, the Flour “00 type” and the Butter adding a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, later on we can divide in two the Dough using half for the Salty pie and the other half for the Cake.







 The quantity of Yeast must be calculated on the Flour weight, doesn’t matter the other ingredients: use 2 ounces (50 grams) of Beer Yeast for each pound (half Kilo) of Flour: because the Dry Yeast can be of different types please follow the instructions on its container, usually 1-1.5  ounces (30-40 grams) are enough for one pound of Flour. What I prefer is the Beer Flour to me it looks more “natural”.




usually to melt the Yeast I use less than one Milk-Cup (a quarter of liter) of “Whole” Milk): warming the Milk and add a bit of Sugar will speed the process 








after added the Sugar I stir a little to mix everything










half and half of Flour and Butter if you like it soft or double the weight of Flour if you like it crispy  








in the picture  half pound of Flour and half pound of Butter (softer: double the weight of Flour if you like it crispy)









 keep always your hands clean: it is a pleasure touch and mix a Dough with our bare-hands!

usually I use only one hand to mix, I need the other hand to add Flour, Milk, Salt, Sugar, Wine, whatever I go to drop in the Flour






 mix well Butter and Flour before to add the Yeast (with his Milk)








pay attention that growing the Yeast can spill over the cup!










 add all the Yeast in one time













 mix everything well












 if the Dough is too consistent and dry you add more Milk (one-two spoons a time) instead if the Dough become too soft and glue your fingers you get rid of it adding more Flour (also here one-two spoons a time)







 Extra Virgin Olive Oil will improve the Dough add one-two spoons for each pound of Flour; you could even add a pinch of Marine Salt but usually I don’t do it!








 work the Dough with energy: longer you work it better it will be!










 it starts to be ready…










 it is ready: you can put a finger inside and your Dough doesn’t stick in your fingers!











we can divide in two the Dough using half for the Salty pie and the other half for the Cake, this depends on the size of your oven-pans









in order to prepare for the cake we add Sugar to the Dough: half the quantity of the Flour should be enough 9 ounces (250 grams) for one pound of Flour: if you like more sweet simply add more Sugar!








 after added the Sugar you must work again the Dough









 work it very well…












 …until it is well mixed











 then you start to make a “circular plate” with the Dough of sweet “pasta” in Italy we call “Pasta” or “Impasto” the result of different materials mixed together they glue each other; the term “Pasta” or “Impasto” are not only for the food: we have “Pasta” of cement, of soap, of clay and so on…





 in order to make the “pasta” plate flatter, thin and larger, we use the “Mattarello” a wooden tool used in our kitchens








 spread some Flour on the bottom of the oven-pan so the dough will not glue on the bottom during the cooking process








put the Dough inside and enlarge it with your fingers, fill every space











you can add dry fruits in to the Dough while you are making it or at the end, here I add Pine-Cones on the top









 after spread the Pine-Cones I push each one of them inside with my finger tips









 you could spread on top some Sugar, too….










 ….or Cinnamon!











 as ready let’s go to cook!


you can cook Sweet Cakes and Vegetable Pies together! only the have a different cooking time…










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