Dry “Porcini” Mushroom Sauce

First of all, if you want to make this recipe “Vegetarian” please do not put the Prosciutto, and you still have a wonderful, tasty and original “Mushroom Sauce”.

Well, if you can get fresh “Porcini” Mushrooms will be better! but fresh mushroom are in the market only on the right season, so if you like mushrooms sauce so much alike me, use the dried “Porcini” choose the best quality, choose the heads which are more tasteful, look that the dried mushroom have a nice brown, yellow color and that there is no evidence of deterioration like powder and debris.


This is a wonderful sauce to use with “Pasta” especially tasty with “Pasta Fresca All’ Uovo”










a small piece of “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta Salata” if you are Vegetarian simply avoid this ingredient, the taste should be of “Porcini”; so you ask why I put “Prosciutto”? because the tasty it’s better, but this doesn’t means that without it is not tasty. just try. cooking is the art of use the food you have available and prepare it in the best way, often we do not have tomatoes so what? we make the sauce without tomatoes. what about Garlic if we don’t have? check if you have Scallion or Onion, if not delete the Garlic from the recipe. and if I don’t have the “Porcini”? well, make a tomatoes sauce, you cannot make a mushroom sauce without mushroom…did you get my point?…

I was saying ingredients:

200 grams (7 ounces) of “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta Salata” (Pancetta recipe is in category “Video”)

100 grams (3-4 ounces) of dried “Porcini” mushrooms

half-liter of Tomatoes juice (or you process in the food processor two pounds of Tomatoes: in this case you must cook the sauce longer)

three cloves of Garlic – a fist of Parsley Leaves(or two spoons of the mix of them: check in the category “Preparation”)

half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – half glass of White Wine – Marine Salt




set the dried mushroom in to warm water for 5-10 minutes to revive them…








… cut the “Prosciutto” in small slices…












…warm the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pot (you will make the sauce in it: should have high border and a proper lid) as it boils add the “Prosciutto” to fry








shrink the mushrooms the water will gush out  from your fingers: keep this water in a container, we will use it later









cut in small pieces the mushrooms: if you like big pieces simply do not cut!










add the two spoons of Garlic & Parsley mix to the pot, do not leave to cook too much….









…add the mushrooms…











let them fry, as their water dry you should…












add the White Wine! cover and cook for two-three minutes then…










…add the Tomato juice











add it all










the Laurel should be added after the Tomato juice










the same for the Marine Salt: add two-three pinches of Salt!












then stir and put the lid to avoid the sauce to jump out from the pot! you should put a wooden tool to keep the lid little open so the steam will evaporate! we are looking to dry the sauce whilst it is cooking. use a moderate temperature or you will burn the sauce: cook it slowly stirring often (every 4-5 minutes) checking the pot bottom with the wooden spoon: if it start to glue the bottom reduce the temperature and stir more often (every one-two minutes until the temperature of the sauce decrease)




you can see in the picture the sauce jumped on the top of the lid: pay attention to your face and eyes when you open the pot! reduce the fire before to stir!










while you create such sauce like this you learn that the life is beautiful…










as the sauce starts to be consistent (after 15-20 minutes) go to check the salinity: add Marine Salt if needed but always a small pinch a time…









I love this sauce…









I shot more pictures so you can see the details…












in particular the “lavic” drops!











a tasty smell is all around me now…I am in ecstasy…











so gorgeous…

I boiled the “Pasta” already!

“Fusilli” pasta today!











put two-three spoons on each portion of pasta (80 grams – three ounces)  a bit of  “Parmesan” cheese on top and enjoy!







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