Oven Humid Roasted Lamb


I believe that the Lamb  was the oldest cooked food prepared by every culture, there are thousands of different recipes for the Lamb, this meat  is really “versatile” to preparations of any kind, what I prefer? barbecued Lamb, but today I want to make it humid and soft and I will do it using the humidity of some Vegetables which, after rosted, I will blend with Apple and Sugar to prepare a humble sauce for dressing.



4 pounds of Lamb

one Onion – three Carrots

one head of Garlic

few leaves of Sage and Laurel

Rosemary – one Tomato

one glass of Black Olives (or Green doesn’t matter) – Marine Salt

half glass of White Wine – two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

two Apples – one spoon of Sugar – one spoon of Balsamic Vinegar




let’s start putting two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the bottom of an oven-pan, then add two chopped cloves of Garlic, two leaves of Laurel and some Rosemary, seat the Lamb meat inside








set the pieces of meat in order to fill all the space of the oven-pan









spread on top of the meat two-three pinches of Marine Salt










process in the blender (food-processor) Carrots, Onion, Olives and four-five Garlic cloves










spread this chopped mixture of Vegetable on top of the meat…











cover completely filling every space, add the remaining Laurel and Sage leaves on top









put in the oven and cook for 30 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) or 25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius)









take out from the oven…











…and piece by piece turn the meat upside down and on top of the chopped mix of Vegetables








spread the White Wine on top of the meat











again spread two pinches of Marine Salt










put back in the oven for another 10-12 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) or 5-8  minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) just to make the meat roasted on top, you can even use the grill (in this case cut the time in half)…after that get the meat in to a separate plate…






using a colander dry the Vegetable mix, discard the liquid.










leave the Vegetable mix cooling down, take off the Leaves










The Rosemary Laurel and Sage leaves will be discarded









as cold put the Vegetable mix in to the blender














wash, peel and cut the Apples and add them to the mix in the blender, add one spoon of Sugar













add one spoon of Balsamic Vinegar and mix for one minute, you got a good sauce for the meat









you’ll serve in the plate with a small cup of sauce and small roasted potatoes










as you see I cooked the roasted Potatoes in advance, pay attention that the Lamb must be eaten warm/hot, so warm it up, if needed, before to serve


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  1. Daniel Blanco says:

    Dear Maurizio,

    Another beautiful recipe with great ingredients. I can’t wait to try it.

    As always, thank you for the great photos and instructions.


  2. Many Thanks Daniel, I am back to write new posts on these days!!!

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