Fairy’s Pie – Torta delle Fate

My “Fairy’s Pie” it is my Christmas gift to you.


This is a good creamy cake, to prepare the dough kindly refer to category preparations “Dough for cakes # 3″ for more details.

If you cannot find the ricotta cheese you can use your favorite light creamy cheese.

The poppy seeds are to complete this cake, in the case you don’t like or don’t find the poppy seeds in the market you can avoid to add them, or you can replace with a small quantity of another sweet spice for example bark of candied orange.

This cake is for the  kids, please replace the liquor with the juice of a fresh lemon.


Ingredients: (one pie)

for the Dough: (one pie)

half pound (250 gr) of flour type “00”

2 oz (50 gr) of yeast

half pound  (250 gr) of butter

4 oz (100 gr) of sugarone glass of whole milk

for the stuffing cream: (1 pie)

two pounds (1 kg) of ricotta cheese – three-four pinches of cinnamon

two eggsfour oz (100 gr) of raisins two spoons of flour type “00”

Half glass of liquor or squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon 


First of all we have to grown up the yeast, so put it in to warm milk adding half spoon ofsugar  

let it aside for 10-15 minutes.






put together in to a bowl the butter, flour and sugar(I prefer brown sugar),  work themtogether until you get small flakes (the consistence of grated cheese) for this mixture.








Add the yeast dissolved in themilk work everything for few minutes and you will get a consistent dough.







Separate it in two parts.









with the two parts make with the “mattarello” a first flat shape which can fit inside your oven baking-pan and a second flat shape to lately cover the pie.







Set it inside the oven baking-pan. Cook at 660 Fahrenheit to dry it for three-four minutes, this is the base of your cake. recover from the oven and put aside ready to be used. The second part of the dough should be flatted and set as top of your cake, it  doesn’t need to be previously cooked.






Let’s start the stuffing cream: wash well the raisins in running water.










Dry from the water using the colander, then you’ll squeeze the raisins, too.









As the raisins is dry mix with half-glass of rum (or cognac) or, if you want to avoid alcohol, add lemon juice: squeeze it from a fresh lemon please!







 Here we go!








put in to a bowl the two eggs (here are four eggs: why? this because usually I make two cakes: one for my guests and one for my!!! ah, ah, ah!), also the ricotta cheese and the sugar are to be added.









You can mix all together with a fork or a whip








In few minutes you should obtain a homogeneous  creamy consistence.







Now you’ll add two spoons  (and no more than two spoons or you will miss the consistence of the cake) of flour type “00”.








 Mix well everything.










 After this add the cinnamon….









 …also add the poppy seeds and…









… the raisins.










 Again mix everything very well until the stuffing become homogeneous.









Drop the stuffing on top of the flat dough which you dried in the oven few minutes ago.








Make a smooth and even layer with the creamy stuffing.









 Use the “mattarello” to flat the second part of the dough








In order to make a correct shape for the top use the oven baking-pan, seating it on top of the flat-dough and then cutting around with scissors.







 With a fork you’ll make small holes on the flat-dough now.









With kindness move the flat-dough inside the oven baking-pan just on top of the stuffing, fit it to the internal border but do not press it too much.







 Cut off the excess of it.









 This is the result.










Put in the oven at 660 fahrenheit (350 Celsius) for 25 minutes, pay attention to not burn the top (if the oven is ventilated the heat could burn the top).








I told you I made two pies! obviously I used double ingredients.








You like to garnish the top of the pie when ready? You do it as you like. To me the natural color of this pie is so beautiful and I love “rustico” style.







I give more attention to the taste which is so soft and sweet like “a kiss of a beautiful fairy”.








Merry Christmas !!! 








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