Fake Vitel Tune’

It happened that I have already rosted in Tomato Sauce a nice cut of Pork Loin when my son asked for Vitel Tune’ “Vitello Tonnato” which is a delicious preparation made with meat of Veal. What I did? I transformed the Pork Loin in to a “fake” Veal beef and I proceeded the rest of the preparation as ity was for the “Vitel Tune'”. The result was impressive, simply terrific! 










Ingredients: (4-6 persons)

Roasted Pork (1 Kg or 2 pounds)

500 gr or 1 pound of Tuna (in Olive Oil)

500 gr or 1 pound of Mayonnese sauce (you can make it or buy a good quality)

200 gr or 7 onces of Capers already sqeezed from the Vinegar

three spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil




This time you need a sharp knife to cut the meat in thin slices









use precaution to cut, pay attention to your fingers!









choose a beautiful plate, squared is better and drop three spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil









let the oil go ariound the plate…









…then put a first layer of meat…








…drop the Tuna in to  the food-processor









add half of the Capers and all the Mayonnaise…









…process everything…









spread the obtained Tuna Cream on the meat…









…make another layer of meat and repeat… until it ends.









cover every space with the Tuna Cream.

Keep in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy it!













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