Fish Roe Sauce

 Today i got a nice gift: I bought some Fin-Fishes and when I open three of them I found…their Eggs! Fresh Fish Roe are popular in many markets, in “La Bouqueria” of Barcelona-Spain  for example but in other places they are not even considered: very bad! Fish-Roe dishes are terrific!

Fish Roe are delicate, so you need to handle them with kindness and cook in a simple way, let’s go do a wonderful sauce for our Pasta!




 Ingredients: (4 persons)

one fist of Fish Roe (I mean: 100 grams (3 and half ounces) are enough but 200 grams are better 300 grams are too much!)

one liter of Tomato Sauce 

two-three  pinches of Marine Salt (only if you use Vinegar Capers)

few Garlic Cloves – half fist of Capers (conserved in Salt or in Vinegar)

Half glass of White Wine – half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil



 Make sure that the Fish Roe you bought are coming from fresh fishes! you cannot mistake, if not fresh the Fish Roe start soon to smell very bad! You could also get the Fish Roe canned or in glass vase: buy a good quality!






 here are fresh Fin-Fish Roe










 keep in a glass adding a spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 







 …I was just preparing hand-made “Capelletti with Fish Stuffing”: today I will cook this tasty pasta with “Fish Roe Sauce”








 yes: one more picture of my “Cappelletti” and some “Pappardelle”…they deserve passion and love….








 OK let’s go back to our recipe, here are the ingredients we are going to use, not many…








 Put half fist of Capers in the water to remove the Salt…









 …slice the Garlic thin…










… then chop it small…









 ..put half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to warm up… as it boils…use a fry-pan with high border so you will mix your Pasta straight in it!









 …drop the Garlic…let it fade but pay attention to not burn the Garlic!










 Capers are ready…











 …chop them…











 …add to fry…










it’s time for the Fish Roe… 










…drop the Fish Roe now! they are going to fry so fast!










 stir immediately with a wooden stick!










 move them to break their sack so they will go all around









 just like this: you see how they cook immediately?!! pay attention  the Roe could glue on the bottom of your fry-pan











 do not let cook too much! add the White Wine…









 …and the Tomato Sauce!











 stir well









 leave the Tomato Sauce cook: the cooking time depends from the type of Tomato Sauce you use: if prepared by yourself (see category: “Sauces – Tomato Sauce” the time is shorter than if you use Tomato Juice, which can also be fresh or conserved in vase… I only recommend you to cook slowly because the Fish Roe are so delicate and sweet! remember to check the salinity: add Salt only if necessary! …you are asking how to check when the Sauce is ready? please get a small spoon of Sauce and eat it!





Meanwhile (I apologize you were not invited for today…hopefully next time!) my “Cappelletti di Pesce” are ready!










 I drop them straight in to the Fish Roe Sauce!









After I mixed well with kindness and love, I will serve in the plate… you can use the Fish Roe Sauce with every kind of Pasta and with Rice too! but please do not use it for “Tortellini” and “Ravioli” which are stuffed with meat…don’t do that!

(…between us: joy pervaded my heart for days after this meal…)!

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