Zucchini Sauce

Ingredients: (5-6 portions)





Fusilli Pasta 1 pound (appx. 500 grams)

Zucchini 1 pound (there are different kind of zucchini: long dark green, long light green, Ball Zucchini, ecc.)

Garlic two cloves

Red Chilly if you like spicy

White Wine half glass

Extra Virgin Olive Oil three spoons







Let start cutting in pieces Zucchini, Garlic and eventually Chilly












put the oil in the pan and when is heat drop down the Zucchini first













then as the Zucchini brownie (after five to ten minutes, it depends on the fire you use) add Garlic and Chilly













let the garlic yellowing, then add the salt, less then half tea spoon after you must check if the salt is enough













add the white wine, too.












Zucchini have to melt creating a smooth and soft sauce this is ready now!!!













Meanwhile you boiled the water to cook the pasta, start adding 50 grams of salt to appx. 4 liter of water, then you should mix and check, if the water taste is same as sea water it means OK












drop fusilli in to the water only after the water is boiling with sthrenght, do not drop the pasta in to the water when it is still cold or you make a mess…… water must boil with vigor!











after dropped the fusilli stir them well in such way to avoid they stick each other….and let cook (boiling always) for at least 8 minutes (for this fusilli you need between 8 to ten minutes, it depends on the fire you use)











after 8 minutes check one fusillo cutting in the middle, if the color is compact whitout small white part in the inside it means it is cooked but please check also eating the fusillo if it is OK, also do not cook too long or your pasta became too soft and not tasty….











after pasta is cooked drop out the water in the holed casserole then put the pasta in the pan with the zucchini sauce












Add some grounded cheese and mix, i like “Pecorino”












it’s ready, buon appetito !!!













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