Get Rid of Chicken Feathers



It is supposed that you buy a chicken in the market already clean from the feathers, but go to check the skin and always you will find residuals of them 

 The best way to clean up the few remaining feathers from the chicken, we should use fire.






we can use gas or wood fire, as I do in the pictures






passing the flame all around the chicken skin, were still we found feathers residuals








this works very well







and also a small burnt on top of the chicken skin is tasty!





as you can see, those remains of feathers which did not burn are easy to pull off from the skin with our fingers






we need to check every single piece of meat to do an excellent job!







always using precaution to not burn our fingers! pay attention how you are positioning your hands and fingers close to the fire, this can be dangerous!…even if I do with my bare hands I suggest you to use a fork or a kitchen stick to protect yourself!






The skin can burn a little bit ……just remember that this is only the preparation for further cooking operation






check everywhere and pick it up with your fingers







you can do the same with any part of the chicken (or other bird) still having some residual of feathers, after you cleaned the skin you can wash again the meat in fresh water or go to season it ready to be cooked.

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