Aldente Pasta: How to make “Gnocchi” (with Gongorzola Cheese)

Gnocchi di Patate is a special kind of pasta made with flour and potatoes. Never my family used eggs to make gnocchi.

Please note also that there is not any precise weight to make the Gnocchi dough: you start boiling the potatoes, set them to cool down, smash them and add the flour:  the quantity of flour is that you need to make a consistent kneading which will not glue on your fingers but still remains soft enough to be molded.





Gnocchi ingredients (4 portions):

Two Potatoes (may be 1 pound / half kilo)

Wheat flour (type is 00) may be 1 pound or more, the quantity is that you need to make with the smashed potatoes a consistent kneading which will not glues your fingers but still remains soft enough to be mold;







Gongorzola dressing ingredients: 

Gongorzola Cheese almost 1 pound /half kilo (gongorzola is a creamy, spicy and tasty cheese coming from the town of Gongorzola in Lombardia on the Northern Italy, it is one of my favourite cheese; it’s taste is like the Blue Cheese or the Roquefort Cheese but Gongorzola Cheese is more delicate and not aggressive. There are two kind of  Gongorzola Cheese “Gongorzola Dolce” is sweet and “Gongorzola Piccante” is spicy; you must discover both of them spread on the bread  to have in that very moment the sensation to be in the Heaven!!!

Milk almost a quarter of liter, may be less;depending how solid you like the sauce, so this is up to your taste…

Let’s go to start now!


Peel the Potatoes skin (or you can do this operation after the potatoes are boiled).










then put in boiling water (without salt)














after 8-10 minutes check if the potatoes are ready, to do it use a fork, as soon the fork runs easy through a potato these are ready.












Using a mash potato machine (or a fork).












smash the potatoes inside a bowl.














To make the dough I prefer to use a steel bowl: the “Bastardella” in Italian;

otherwise you can use a wooden or teflon table dropping the mash Potatoes in to the Flour










but I believe my way is easier… mix the potatoes with the flour












Please use your hands to make the mixture uniform, doing a soft dough which is not sticky, to make it well you have to add a small quantity of flour at time and mix, then add again flour until you get a dough which not glue your fingers, maintaining softness at meantime…..

if your “Gnocchi” become too hard to cook and to bite it means that you added too much Flour;

if your Gnocchi melt and dissolve in the boiling water or become too much soft it means that you did not added an appropriate quantity of Flour, or you used a quality of Potatoes which are not good to make Gnocchi; the best quality of potatoes for Gnocchi are those yellow inside.

I want to remind again: to achieve the best result you add flour until your dough it is not sticky anymore, you have to work the dough at least 10 minutes from the beginning…





As the dough is ready you put some flour on the working table starting to roll the dough without break it (you should cut small parts from the dough and works them to make your job easier).










when the roll become small enough (the size of your small finger)….










you start to cut in pieces, the size of small cubes












Thus, using your index finger (or a fork) push making almost an hole  in each of the small cubes (do not pass throughout it).









as soon some “gnocchi” are ready













you spread some flour on top and in between (to avoid they glue together).













now it is time to salt the boiling water (in which we will cook “Gnocchi”) usually i put 50-60 grams ofmarine  salt in 3-4 liters of water, the taste of the water should match that of the sea water










as the water restart to boil drop down “Gnocchi” all together!












Immediately stir, so your  “Gnocchi” will not glue each other, do it just for few seconds every 3-4 minutes until they are ready.











(they should be ready after 5-8 minutes you’ll see “gnocchi” pop-up from the bottom and float…this is the time to check!).

How to check? You just eat one to see if it is OK! A proper cooked Gnocchi must have a uniform color inside.










Now prepare the “Gongorzola Cheese Souce”: put the “Gongorzola” (or any other creamy cheese you like) and the Milk in a bowl on top of the boiling water: this is the “bagnomaria”.










Use a fork to stir the mix while it is warming up and the cheese melting….










….until the sauce becomes hot and consistent.












As soon as the “Gnocchi” are ready simply dripping one “Gnocco” in the Gongorzola souce and eat it! yummy !!! You should notice when the “Gnocco” it is cooked “Aldente” you will smash it with your teeth finding it neither soft nor hard but pleasant to bite!  Dry the “Gnocchi” using the special holed-pan “scolapasta” (colander).









Drop “Gnocchi” in the Gongorzola sauce











mix with a wood-stirrer and drop in the serving plate










you’ll need a big spoon to go!!!


Buon Appetito!!!








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