Honey & Grappa Pie

This “Crispy and Friable” Pie, adding “Grappa” which is an Italian strong liquor particularly tasteful in my region “Piedmont” where hundreds of different tastes belonging to our wines: Dolcetto, Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Gavi, Moscato and the popular & noble Barbera, (these are without any doubt the finest wines worldwide) , become a tasty pie to eat along “espresso” coffee. If you cannot get “Grappa” please add an old seasoned brown “Anejo” Rum, if you get the best quality it will do a good job as well (do not use other liquors they doesn’t have the right taste for the pourpose).


250 grams (9 ounces) of Butter

250 grams (9 ounces) of flour type “OO”

100 grams (and half ounces) of Yeast

half liter of Milk (Whole Milk if possible)

250 grams (9 ounces) of Sugar (Brown Sugar is better)

Two Spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 spoons of Honey – a small glass (9 cl – 30 Ounces) of “Grappa” or Rum

You could also add Pine Cones – Raisins – Almonds – Nuts – etc.




let’s go with the Yeast, put it in a recipient with warm Milk and a small spoon of Sugar, after 15 minutes you’ll get the result







put all the Butter and all the Flour inside a bowl









start to make a dough









as you can see it should be very “friable”









it looks like grounded cheese









add two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

then continue to make your dough…







until you get this result, after set it for half an hour in a nice place, cover with a dry rag, so it can grown








…this is the result after half an hour, big and soft!









add the Brown Sugar ……








….. and add……








….the “Grappa” or Rum….










….and  the Honey










two or three spoons are enough.









go to mix again: if the dough remain too hard add more Milk









instead if you see that your dough is “too much” soft and sticky add some flour but remember…..








….this kind of dough must remain “sticky” and glue in your fingers, do not make it hard using too much flour, use a wooden spoon to remove the excess from your fingers, we need a soft dough to get a good result, we are not making a “hard” pie but a “Crispy and Friable” pie to eat with “espresso” coffee or “Cafelatte”





spread a fist of flour on the bottom of an oven pan










well, all around…










put your dough in the middle of the oven pan









enlarge it with your fingers









in order to not make the dough glue again your fingers, add some flour but only on the top: where your fingers are in touch with the dough







spread your dough well around the oven pan…









…filling all the space until the border










the surface must be even








put in the oven

250 Celsius (480 Fahrenheit) for 40 minutes

350 Celsius (660 Fahrenheit) for 30 minutes







please remember that is not my attitude take the time: you must be able to know when is ready because of the good smell of baked sweet pie, then, if you have a good oven with glass and light you can see the brown color on top, just in case you notice smell of burn check immediately the pie but pay attention that often the smell of burn is due to small pieces of dough which glued underneath the oven pan (or small remains of food that you cooked before) by the way if you have any doubt go to check as follows:




get a wooden toothpicks and open the oven taking the pie out a little…










dig it in to the pie and leave in it few seconds









then check: if there is melted residual it means that your pie is not ready yet!

as you can see in the picture my toothpicks is dry, which means that the internal part of pie is cooked, which means ready to be taken out from the oven






the final result!








let to rest for at least one hour…resist, resist!











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