Italian Lasagna Cooking Recipe

“Grazie Maurizio. I wanted to have lasagna the other day and had to buy some. Too much sauce, too much cheese, sauce was too acid. Do you have a good recipe for it that you may share with me? Just a regular meat or vegetable lasagna. No eggplant. I would be grateful.


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

Hi Hunt,


I will look in my files but I don’t think I have the pictures here abroad. But I tell you right now what to do: 

Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

1_the pasta to make the lasagna layers: you could make it by yourself using 2 pounds (1 kilo – 1000 grams) of flour mixed with 6 whole fresh eggs, if the dough becomes too dry add a bit of wine (may be half glass) if the dough is too soft and glue your fingers add more flour. No salt here, no yeast: only wheat flour (type “00”) and eggs (and only if needed white wine).

You have to use the “mattarello” to stretch the pasta thin less than 2 mm (1/10 of inch or less) if you have the machine for it it’s much better; make pieces (alike cardboard sheets) of 4-6 inches large and 12-15 inches long.

If you made pasta by yourself only few times in the life the most simple quick and best thing you can do is to buy a good quality of dry “Lasagne” in the market; when I didn’t have much time I bought good quality (as “Barilla”- “De Cecco”- “Buitoni”)to make “Lasagna” it not matter me too much!

I will tell you then what you need to do with this pasta (see point 5).


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

2_prepare a good “Ragu’ di Carne” or “Tomato Sauce” the recipes are in my website, I am not sure I posted the Ragu’: following the Tomato sauce recipe before to add to the soffritto the tomato (smashed or juice) you have to add minced beef and roast it well, after this put the tomato and do everything as for the Tomato sauce recipe.


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

3_prepare a good cheese as the: “Fontina” or “Taleggio” a cheese which is not creamy cheese and also not too much seasoned, it has to melt in the oven.


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

4_prepare the béchamel sauce as follows: put water in a large pot to boil. Use a smaller pot or pan which can be contained in the larger to make the béchamel through “bagnomaria” cooking system.

Put 100 grams of butter (no margarine) in the smaller pan, set the pan on top of the water boiling in the larger pot (this is bagnomaria) and stir: as the butter melt you will add, one spoon at time, 100-200 grams of wheat flour (type “00”) always stirring. The butter will be very hot and can also fry you will see bubbles creating with the flour. Be careful to not let the sauce burn and stick to the pan, always stir. It is not easy and I am sorry I cannot show you how I do it. As the mix is good (all the flour melt with the butter) you start to add warm milk (slowly and always in small quantities) stir well everything then add more milk and stir until you see the cream start to boil, at this point add more milk and again. May be you need 1 part of butter, 2 parts of flour, 5 parts of milk. Two pinches of marine salt and one of nutmeg is required. The béchamel for lasagna can be more liquid than usual, this because it will be cooked again later in the oven.

As your béchamel is ready keep it well warm, I suggest to make it for the last, after your prepared the pasta as follows:


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

5_my family secret for lasagna we do the process one by one: we immerse, each sheet of the lasagna layers (those 4×12 inches at point 1) in salt boiling water for 2-3 minutes, you should see the pasta making some bubbles on its surface (this due to the hot water) this means it is ready, take the sheet from the boiling water and drown it in to cold water immediately. Do not cook all together: one by one then keep in the cold water for one or two minutes, after that you use to make the Lasagna as follows:


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

6_use a large oven pan, put three or four spoons of tomato sauce on the bottom, make one layer with the pasta covering all the surface, spread tomato sauce on top (not too much, only three or four spoons) then add the sliced cheese (not too much, only one piece here and one piece there…) also spread three or four spoons of béchamel sauce on top. Make another layer of pasta, covering all the surface, and again spread tomato sauce on top (not too much, only three or four spoons) then again add the sliced cheese (not too much, only one piece here and one piece there…) and again spread three or four spoons of béchamel sauce on top. Repeat again until you made, since the beginning, at least four layers of pasta. On top will be the tomato sauce (or Ragu’ is better) followed by the cheese and the béchamel.


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

7_set in the oven, at good temperature (not too high, 250 C – 480 F is fine usually I cook it at 350 C – 660 F) keep in mind the ingredients are already cooked, the important is to take out the oven as some spots of the external surface (the béchamel) start to become brown, this means it is ready. The salt should be already OK, this because everything was pre-cooked and pre-salted.


Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

8_wait the temperature goes down before to cut: choose a good warm temperature as the cheese is still creamy, you could even wait the day after and eat the lasagna cold: my grandfather did like lasagna on this way, to me there is too much to wait: I love it so much I eat them immediately!


Have fun and enjoy your Lasagna, my best regards, Maurizio.

Italian Lasagna Cooking Aldentekitchen Recipe

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  1. Jeannie says:


    When ever I meet someone whom has visited Italy, I always ask them if they had spaghetti and if they did was it better than we have here.
    Usually the reply is that it is much better over there.
    Spaghetti I know seems so basic, but I have had excellent spaghetti and others that are pretty bland.

    If you don’t ask my asking what is the best recipe for spaghetti?
    My daughter went to culinary school and if she has the recipe she will give it a good try.

    Thanks for your time


    Duluth, Minnesota

  2. Hello

    Do you have a special recipe for spaghetti?
    People I have talked to that have visited Italy and ate spaghetti usually say that there is a different taste than we are use to here in the states.
    My daughter is a good cook and went too culinary school and would like to try an authentic recipe.

    Thanks for your time

    Jeannie, Duluth, Mn

  3. admin says:

    Hi Jeannie, kindly see this recipe: I will write you more later on.

  4. admin says:

    Hello Jeannie, please go to this in order to cook properly the spaghetti, this is paramount if you want to make a wonderful plate of pasta. Spaghetti are basic, yes, are simply humble pasta, but pasta needs to be cooked properly, to have cares and a good sauce. the best sauce for spaghetti is, in my opinion, the most simple, too. The following recipe was prepared by my mother only for me and no people around know it: “spaghetti con l’uovo” which means egg-spaghetti: cook properly the spaghetti al dente (100 gr), put one spoon of butter on them and mix, get one fresh egg yolk, drop on the spaghetti and mix, add one spoon of grated cheese (pecorino or pamesan), may be you like chilly: just add it. This is simply the best recipe for spaghetti, hoping you like it.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Jeannie, just to inform you about my new book in Kindle: Al Dente Kitchen Italian Cooking Secrets “Soffritto”. ciao, Maurizio.

  6. Jeannie, I apologize to ask and it is not easy, since you write to me on the blog I want to ask you: I have a dear friend from Duluth, her name is Jeannie Horn, we meet in 1985 in Superior I was on board a cargo ship still I care of her picture and her gift which I posted in my facebook just this morning; I am sorry to ask but it is you my friend? my email:

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