Linguine with Oven Made Fin Fish Sauce

It is different to prepare a fish as main course and a fish as side dish for “Pasta”: you should notice that in this following recipe for “Fin Fish Sauce” to be used as Pasta condiment; the recipe for “Simple Roasted Fin Fish” is simpler because it address you how to cook a fish in a simple way; here we are going to make not only the “Fish” but also one of the most tasty sauce you will be able to prepare very soon.

As you will see I check many times for the salt and also if my dishes need White Wine or spices, this is the way to care about the food you prepare, to cook is not just the act to put something in the oven, you must do it with care and love, pamper your dishes, slowly, may be also whispering a feeble song…love what you are cooking: your food is the true source of your life, so have love, respect, care…and joy in your heart!












Ingredients: (one fish (12 ounces) each person – 80 grams (3 ounces) of “Linguine” each person)

6 fresh Fin Fish (cleaned) – 2 spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a glass of  White Wine

Garlic & Parsley mix one milk cup of Tomato Sauce every 3-4 fishes

few Laurel Leaves – Marine Salt









 after cleaned the Fishes (see in the category: “Preparations”) put a pinch of Marine Salt in the inside of the fishes belly…











…spread Marine Salt on the fishes skin, too…












 prepare the Garlic & Parsley mix as per category “Preparations…












 spread the Garlic & Parsley mix on the fishes skin….













 …put some Garlic & Parsley mix inside the fishes belly, too….












 put few Laurel Leaves on the bottom of an oven pan and set the fishes inside, with their belly down, the fishes not very closed each other you need to leave some room in the middle of the fishes for the Tomato Sauce.










 put some of the Tomato Sauce on top of the fishes…












 drop some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top of the fishes….











 …then cover with the Tomato Sauce (one cup every three-four fishes) adding half glass of White Wine on top, with kindness and  without spreading all around the Tomato Sauce….











 if you use a “prepared tomato sauce” bought in the marked check for the salinity…..













 if it is not salty enough please add some salt. Instead if you prepared the Tomato Sauce by yourself (see Receipts “Tomato Sauce”) be careful to not add too much salt!











 as you can see the fishes are completely covered by the sauce…













 you can put in the oven, 250 °C (482 °F ), let cook for 35-40 minutes, but after 25 minutes check if the sauce it is too liquid or too dry, this depend by the type of Tomato Sauce you are using, the sauce has to boil in the oven becoming thicker as in the following picture, but it doesn’t have to burn too much….









 …a little bit of burnt (just a hint) it make the sauce better, but too much make the sauce too bitter! so pay attention and again: start to check in the oven after 25 minutes: you should see when it became ready! also check for the salinity of the sauce: take a coffee spoon and taste a bit of the sauce! add more salt if needed; be always careful with the salt, monitor it frequently in order to make the sauce perfect!











 when the sauce is ready (see in the picture how it became thick!) separate the fish in another pan and keep them warm…












 now you got the fishes in one pan and the sauce in another…











 start to collect the sauce, including the bottom even if it is a little bit burnt….













 pour the sauce in a fry-pan…cook a little bit, if needed to dry a little bit more the sauce: if the sauce is already tasty and thick: do not overcook it, but use as condiment as it is.











 check again for the salt and if you need add more White Wine….or Extra Virgin Olive Oil…












 Prepare the water to cook the “Linguine” as per category “Preparations”











 drop the “Linguine” as the water is boiling, and stir it!













following instruction in the category “Preparation” “how to cook Linguine al dente” check the pasta after 8-9 minutes….











….. as the “Linguine” are cooked “al dente” take them dry using a colander, then put in a bowl and toss the Fish Sauce on top, mix the Fish Sauce with the Paste very well….











 then put in a plate every portion of “Linguine” with one fish on the side!

(… we do not add grounded Parmesan on top…. not with fish, please!…)

Buon Appetito!












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