Livers & Onions in Velvet Sauce – Fegatini con Cipollotti In Vellutata

Liver of small animals like rabbit and chicken is sweet and tasty, also the wild boar, deer and hare have a sweet Liver.

here I am cooking rabbit livers, you can do the same recipe for other animals, too.





Liver should be fresh with homogeneous color, no smell at all, remove immediately the Gallbladder paying  attention to not break it, remember that certain animals (the deer for example) do not have any Gallbladder…




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Marine Salt

Parsley & Garlic mix (get it in category “preparations”) – Small Onions

Laurel – Flour

White Wine



chop the Garlic small








drop it on the Livers















break the Laurel leaves…








add to the Livers, together with a quarter of White Wine too, mix well everything.







after a couple of hours  (one day is better) take the Livers from the drugs







we discard the drugs








here we get Small Onions








we have to clean the onions from the green parts….









…..from the roots…..









and the first skin







we clean all the Onions well, after that we wash in fresh cold water….







cutting in small slices








two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and two spoons of Butter in the pot








we go to roast the Onions now!







stirring on smooth fire until the Onions start to fade






add the Laurel









and a spoon of Parsley & Garlic mix






stir for a while…








then add the Livers








just one by one








add a pinch of Marine Salt, stir with kindness, do not break the livers…







as the livers changed color and look almost cooked, you should add half glass of White Wine







You remove the Laurel now…






we go to make the Velvet Sauce: first remove all the Livers and set in a separate plate







as you can see the Livers are already cooked






we set to boil the sauce adding two spoons of Flour type “00”







stir well the flour around mixing everything and you’ll see soon the Velvet Sauce being made

may be you need to add more White Wine or Flour, do it in small parts with no rush…just slowly…





as it is ready put back the Livers in to the pot, one by one, with kindness





cook only few minutes….it is done!






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