The “mattarello” it is one of the older human tools. It is a simple stick of wood, usually in chestnut tree or olive tree wood, shaped round by the carpenter, sometime it is made of marble. Its diameter goes from 2 until 4 inches, the length can be between 10 and 50 inches.

I have four mattarello at home, but I use only two of them: one is 20 inches in marble and one is 30 inches in olive tree wood, both of them are two & half inches.




To make the “sfoglia” please refer to the category “preparations”. 

Generally you should prepare a small ball of “pasta”, then press it down with your hand to make it flat. After that spread some flour on top and under your “pasta” then start to make the “sfoglia” pressing with your mattarello while you are passing it on top. Enlarge the “sfoglia” working from the center to the sides, turning the “sfoglia” up-side-down many times until you reach the thickness you want (less than 1 millimeter for fetuccine; thicker for the pies): during this process you continue to spread some flour up and under the “sfoglia” every time you do the up-side-down of it. With the time you will be able to shape round or to square your “sfoglia” depending of the preparation you are going to do.



The most important thing is to keep always your mattarello dry, never wash it. To clean it use a dry cloth.








pass the dry cloth up and down to clean your mattarello, adding some flour if it got wet from the “sfoglia”, then pass the cloth again until your mattarello is dry.






Store your mattarello in a clean and dry place and keep there until you will need it again.







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