Minced Beef Sauce – Ragu’ Di Carne

This is our famous ragu’ di carne” used to complete many italian recipes but first of all it is one of the best condiment for our “pasta”. It is so delicious and full of proteins and vitamins that “pasta with ragu”” is a suggested food to grown up our kids. You can keep in fridge for few days, just put a layer of oil on the top and the taste will last for long.

There are many ways to prepare the “ragu'” following is my family method to get the best from simple and cheap ingredients.



beef (ox or bull beef): you can use any cut of beef to do this recipe.



scallion (or onion)

pine-cones – tomato sauce (or tomato concentrate)

marine salt – white wine – extra virgin olive oil



You need a sharp knife here, I cut the most tender of the beef in generous bites, the rest of the beef will be chopped smaller. 








Clean the scallion discarding the root.









Do a small cut to make easier the removing of the skin.









Help yourself with the knife: be careful of your fingers!











I want just to show you how to peel the scallion.








It is important remove all the skin.








Ragu' di Carne (7)



Do the same with garlic.









Sometimes I put the garlic skin in the preparation, for example in certain broths, because the skin contains a lot of vitamins. 







As you can see I cleaned the scallion and garlic, now I slice them small.










Here the beef is ready: half is cut in generous bites, half is chopped smaller.







Put the scallion and garlic to fry in two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil.









Let scallion and garlic to fade: be careful to not burn them!








Add all the beef.









Make the beef to roast stirring it continuously: do not leave the water (from the beef fluids) to accumulate: stirring well enable the water to evaporate (otherwise the beef becomes alike boiled).





 Ragu' di Carne (15)


Add two-three laurel leaves.








Add the marine salt but not too much: you still have time to check the salinity later and maybe add more salt,if needed.








You should “spread’ the salt all over, then stir well.








 A good bunch of pine-cone will improve a lot the result.









 Drop them on the beef!

Keep stirring until you notice the beef is roasted and take brown color.










Add only a small quantity of tomato: this is a ragu’ and not a beef-tomato sauce!

As you see here I added a spoon of triple concentrate of tomato: it has no water and this is important to prepare the ragu’ in proper way.





Stir well, mix everything.









At this point the beef is already cooked and it start to dry: add half glass of white wine and stir.








 Your ragu is ready.

You should boil the pasta, any kind is  good “fusilli, penne, farfalle…” make it aldente, please!







 I like to drop the pasta in to the pan where I cooked the ragu’, heat a bit on the fire then!

Serve in the plate spreading some parmesan cheese on the top… delicious!







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