Mushroom & Potatoes – Ovoli con Patate

The “Ovoli” are one of the  best quality of Italian Mushroom, only “Porcini” Mushroom can match with them. the main difference is that the “Ovoli” have less aggressive taste and are so sweet and delicate, leaving a persistent mushroom  taste in the mouth; usually we eat “Ovoli” as raw with only drops of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and salt and often during the harvest we eat on the spot, just cleaned a little with the knife.




I am so lucky that I am living in one of the best part for mushroom, my house is in the middle of “Alto Monferrato” in Piedmont; my son got the “Ovoli” mushroom in the picture in the early morning and now I am going to cook these succulent vegetable…











what are the ingredients for this recipe?

simply the “Ovoli” mushroom, extra virgin olive oil, a bunch of dried “Porcini” mushroom, three potatoes (the volume is the same of the Ovoli) and a spoon of Garlic & Parsley mix (check in category “Preparations” or use two cloves of garlic and few leaves of parsley); I will use a spoon of butter too.

cut the potatoes small…

set the dried “Porcini” in water for a while….to revive them!







pour the extra virgin olive oil in the pot, let it boil, then drop the “Porcini” in the boiling oil







stir for two-three minutes, then add the butter








as the butter melts add a spoon of garlic & parsley mix







stir well and keep the fire smooth… do not let it cook too much or the parsley will burn!







drop the potatoes and mix all together






 the “Ovoli” have to be cut in pieces, obviously I have already cleaned them before







first separate the stem from the head








cut in cubes heads and stems





while you cut the “Ovoli” the potatoes are cooked







drop the cubes of “Ovoli”








stir well





add part (half glass) of the water used to “revive” the dried porcini







few minutes of cooking (2-3 minutes)






then regulate with marine salt and stir…(other 3-4 minutes)








and that’s it!

you can also use another type of mushroom for this recipe…eat with good bread!









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