Octopus & Shrimps Salad

 Let’s go to make an “easy” fish & vegetable salad, using only Prawn and Octopus (you could add Clams, Shells and other seafood and fish if you like) just to show you the basic; eat this salad with bread as appetizer.

Further details in categories “Preparations – Cleaning Octopus” and “Preparations-Garlic & Parsley Mix” and in category “Recipes – Main Course – Fish – Octopus & Potatoes”

in the following pictures I use frozen Octopus and frozen Prawn and the result was excellent but remember if you use fresh fish the result will be “sublime”!


 ingredients: (6-8 portions)

two pounds (one kilo) of Octopus

two pounds (one kilo) of Prawn or Shrimps

three-four spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

two spoons of Garlic & Parsley mix

Marine Salt – two-three Potatoes (one pound)

various Vegetable pickles under Vinegar: small onions, cucumbers, carrots, celery, turnip, cauliflower, pepper-bells, green & black olives, capers.



 following the instruction in category “Preparations” and “Recipes” clean and boil properly the Octopus










 remember: only after the Octopus is cooked you have to add the Marine Salt …  










 …and leave to rest five minutes more without fire…










 then it will be ready! take from the water and put apart to cool down.










 I bought two pounds of frozen Prawn, half boiled without head, in short those you’ll find at the fishery, not every day you can get fresh fish!








 I peel off the skin









 doing an incision on the back: in order to check if there is still residual of the intestine or sand inside, then I wash in running fresh water









even if this frozen Prawn are a very good quality, they still need a bit of salt and it is my attitude boil them just for 1 minute before to use in my preparations: I use only an inch of water and half spoon of Marine Salt







 as the water boils drop all the Prawn down, stir quickly…










…leave one minute only!










then immediately in the colander: one minute more in the boiling water will ruin your Prawn!







 all pickled I use:

under Vinegar or Oil: 

3 and half ounces each of: carrots, celery, turnip, cauliflower & capers

9 ounces each of: small onions, cucumbers, pepper-bells, green olives & black olives  





 let’s go to peel the Potatoes










 as they are clean










 prepare a small quantity of water with half spoon of Marine Salt










 boil the potatoes










 meanwhile the Potatoes are boiling, drop the pickled Vegetables in the colander: vinegar and oil (eventually water and salt) ware discarded








 chop the black Olives








 cut the Pepper-Bells










 and all the Vegetables in smaller pieces










 collect them in to a bowl









 check the Potatoes: if ready…










take from the water and…










cut in small cubes










 the Octopus is cold now: cut it in small cubes: start cutting in the middle…









 separate each leg










 slice the legs and cut the heads









 add the Octopus to the Vegetables: usually I start to mix Octopus with the Pepper Bells and Black Olives only: I will add the other Vegetables later on,









add the Potatoes, the Garlic & Parsley Mix and two-three spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil









 mix everything: remember to check if more Marine Salt is needed!








 add all the remaining Vegetables now!

 mix well….









…and your tasty Appetizer is ready to go!

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