Peeling Skin off Egg Plant

there are certain details which I strongly believe are important for your safety in particular when you are preparing the food using sharp object;

to peel an Egg-Plant put the Egg-Plant on top of a solid base, gently insert the knife and peel in the way down to the base, do not go up toward your hand: if the knife slip you cut your hand and fingers;

look at my right hand index finger: it’s pulled up, this to mantain the skin visible and tobe protected from the knife blade;

the sense of the force applied on the knife is always toward the supporting base, never toward the hand;




going to slice the Egg-Plant I keep my fingers almost closed with the knucles at blade contact: I never go upper with the blade and I can sense where the blade is;

plus I keep the inclination of the blade away from my left side, where the left hand is;





 here you can see better what I mean: safety comes first, the contact with the blade give me control of the correct position of the knife, pay always attention at your finger cushions: they can be cut easily and cannot be replaced;








 if the piece to cut is small I hold the Egg-Plant far from the blade and at this point I will upside down the small piece with the larger area down for further cuts.

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