Pesto Genovese

The Pesto Genovese sauce is the best known traditional preparation from my town Genoa. In Genoa we are “religious” toward Pesto sauce: the choice of basil, cheeses, oil, pine-cones and garlic must be accurate; quite frankly: I do not eat Pesto sauce outside Genoa town. My mother taught me about the best basil which grows between the two small district of Pra’ and Voltri, a total of one mile of land, think that just one leaf of this basil brought in your kitchen and your neighborhoods will notice the perfume from their houses and this persist for at least 24 hours… In Genoa each family have their own different and secret Pesto recipe make adding a small quantity of different spices and using different oils, the same happens in many of the restaurants and “trattorie” in the town, and you should come in Genoa to taste this wonderful sauce in his own originality, and also other dishes which you cannot find elsewhere like “focaccia”, “focaccia col formaggio di Recco”, “farinata” (this it is superbe in the town of Savona) and many other…..

Let me show you my family Pesto recipe:

I use only pecorino cheeses in two different kind: “Pecorino Sardo Stagionato” and “Pecorino Romano Stagionato” forget about “Parmigiano Reggiano” and “Grana Padano”  used by many chefs: in order to obtain the original taste of Pesto sauce (aggressive and sweet), you need only “Pecorino”cheese (pecorino means cheese made with sheep milk only). following is how to make a tasty Pesto sauce, do not worry if you cannot find precisely the quality of basil and cheese which I recommend, it is important that basil is fresh and cheeses are seasoned.










Basil 1 maze (100 grams)

Pecorino Sardo  100 grams

Pecorino Romano 100 grams

Pine-cone  “pinolo”  100 grams

Nuts  4 (may be 20 grams)

Garlic 2 cloves

Extra Virgin Olive Oil half glass


First step is to take only the basil leaves and wash them, then put to dry at fresh air













A marble mortar is suggested, anyway I make  a wonderful and tasty Pesto sauce using the blender: only be careful to not heat the basil leaves (they can loose smell and taste).














Start chopping cheeses, “pinolo” (pine-cones) and nuts!












After this drop down the basil leaves! Chop just for 20 seconds! Let cool down for 30 seconds then chop again for 20 seconds.












Add “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”: Italy produces the best quality but also Spain, Greece and Mexico have wonderful extra virgin olive oil too…












Blend again until you will achieve a soft sauce. The King of the sauces is done!










Put in a small bowl then cover the surface with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and keep in the fridge until to use. As condiment: you will put two soup spoons of Pesto sauce in a bowl adding a small quantity of warm milk to melt it this for for 200 grams of pasta (already cooked al dente!)












If you  have garlic allergy or you don’t like garlic at all simply do not put it! You will always get a tasty sauce even with no garlic, even though far from the original.















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