Plum Cake – Torta Composta di Prugna

Plum is a wonderful fruit, which I use a lot for my food preparations, also because I have plum-tree in my garden!

This cake is very easy to be done, and really tasty!

Ingredients: (2 cakes)

two pounds (1 kilo) of fresh plums

10 oz (300 grams) of brown sugar – one cup of whole milk

one pound (half-kilo) of flour type “00” – 2 oz (50-60 gr) of yeast

three lemons7 oz (200 gr) of raisins 2 eggs2 oz (60 gr) of butter




We are need a good leavening of the yeast, so we start with yeast immersed in half cup of warm whole milk, adding a bit of sugar just to speed the grown process.







Let it stay there, it will do its job by itself!









 Wash well  the raisins.











Dry the raisin with a colander.









 Wash well the plums, too.










Cut each plum in two-three parts, discarding the seeds. 








 Set the plums in to a bowl…











 …squeeze the lemon  juice on the plums.









Mix well plums and the juice of three lemons.  










Add 5 oz (150 gr) of sugar, too.










Mix well again with the sugar. Leave the plums in it for half-hour.










Prepare a baking-oven pan melting 2 oz (50 gr) of butter in it, lubricating bottom and internal borders.









Seat the pieces of plums on the bottom of the baking-oven pan, the skin down.

Note that still some lemon juice and sugar remained inside the bowl you used for the plums, do not throw away it.







You have completed all the bottom.







 Prugna (19) 30 min


Put in the oven at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius)for 25 minutes.









Drop the raisins in to the bowl you have used for the plums, still lemon and sugar is in it.









 add the other 5 oz (150 gr) of sugar…











 …drop two eggs









whip everything together, no matter if you use a spoon.









Add 7 oz (200 gr) of flour and mix everything.









Using the steel whip is the easy way to do it.

As you mixed the first flour add another 7 oz (200 gr) of it: you do this operation in two times so mixing become easier.





Prugna (22)


After this add the yeast.










Again mix well.









Prugna (24)


 now you are ready to go.










Usually I let it rest for 10-15 minutes.










 Take the plums from the oven.

I remind you that I am preparing two cakes at the same time, you are only seen one in the pictures: ingredients are for two cakes.






Drop straight the mixture on the plums









Put in the oven now, 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) for 30 minutes. Just remember: you should check the cake after 25 minutes, check with a toothpick (as I showed you in category “aldentekitchen – tools”) do not let it burn!






It is ready: the cake is served upside-down, the plums should result brownie but not burnt.









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