Recipes: Cooking Foods Italian Style – Octopus Salad – Polpo con Patate

Recipes: Cooking Foods Italian Style – Octopus Salad – Polpo con Patate

more details in my culinary books published by



Octopus with potatoes is a wonderful and easy salad recipe! Hopefully you have already prepared the octopus as per instruction in the “Preparations” section…otherwise please go to check it out!






Ingredients: (6 portions)

one fresh Octopus whole and clean of two pounds weight (1 kilo)

two pounds of Potatoes

garlic and parsley

Extra Virgin Olive Oil two spoons

one Lemon

Salt 30 grams








Start cleaning the Octopus (see how to do it  in the “Preparations” section)














wash well in running water and put apart.














Potatoes are very good with Octopus we will boil them together. Start peeling the potatoes…
















you should cut the potatoes only if they are very big (more then a fist) because they will cook for 40 minutes, if you cut them smaller then a fist they become too soft…










you already prepared the fresh water boiling on the fire: it’s important do not put any salt in to the water now; the salt must be added only when the Octopus is cooked, after 35-40 minutes.  When the water is stronghly boiling, without reduce the fire, you start to drown the Octopus in it starting with the legs, put slowly the legs in to the water and keep them boiling for 30-40 seconds, then pull out from the water…….












the end of the legs start to twirl….














drown back inside the water, this time little more deep, for again 30-40 seconds…












pull back from the water again for few seconds, you are meking curly legs…













and again drown the Octopus for 30-40 seconds….














again pull it back from the water for few seconds….













I know that this going in and out seems to be annoying you, but when you’ll see the legs twirling in your hands making the Octopus so “beautiful” to eat… especially kids love Octopus curly legs to bite! So drown the Octopus again in to the boiling water for 30-40 seconds….













…pull it up again! you can see now: the Octopus is readyto be cooked!













Now sink the Octopus in to the water until it is totally covered, the water could loose the temperature for few minutes but then it must be mantained with a smooth boiling, you should also cover the pot this in order to avoid that steam and smell go around your house… covering the pot make easier mantein the water boiling spending less energy…












after the water covering the Octopus starts to boil again, go to drop the potatoes inside, too…












Let boil for approximatively 35 minutes, covered, turning the Octopus upside-down every 10 minutes;  pay attention to the Octopus skin: if it start to peel you must check the Octopus even before 35 minutes…how to check if Octopus is cooked?












You will check if the Octopus is ready in this way: stub a fork in the middle of the legs: if the fork will enter in to the meat without effort the Octopus is ready (approximatively 35-40 minutes since it was sunk in to the boiling water) I remind you that the water must be kept boiling for all the cooking process.












turn off the fire: now it is time to salt the water; so please take a full hand of marine salt (30-40 grams) and drop it straight on top of the Octopus: leave it in the water for other 5 minutes with the salt.












After I salt the water I do upside down the Octopus only once: it should take the salt taste even if you do not move it.















Take out the Octopus  from the water; it must have a beautiful red-pink color, use a holed casserole to make it dry, put aside until the Octopus become cold, if you cut it now you will break the skin compromizind the final result!











Check also for the potatoes, they should be ready….
















…just stub one with a fork to check!















also the potatoes have to be dried using an holed casserole













As the Octopus became cold (may be it need one hour to reach normal temperature) you can start to cut in slices, cut all parts (head and legs)













cut the potatoes in smaller pieces, too.















cut one lemon and dig out the seeds…













put the Octopus slices in to a bowl and squeeze out the lemon juice, stirring with a spoon













add half spoon of Garlic-Parsley Mix (see in the “ingredients” section)













you can stir with a spoon but I prefer to spread the mix with my “clean” bare hands;

please note that I wash my hands in the kitchen frequently, in particular I wash my hands every time before I have to touch the food, never touch food when your hands are not washed with water and soap, the soap I use is neutro “marseille” white soap without parfume, if your hands are not clean you risk to contaminate the food with germs and bacterias, please follow basic sanitation rules.









add the potatoes to the Octopus













drop half glass of Extra Virgin Olive oil and stir…














as the mixture is ready try one bite to check if the salt was enough, you can add more salt and also other spices like “chilly” if you like !!!













Well, plate it and serve cold with some lemon aside, buon appetito!











Recipes: Cooking Foods Italian Style – Octopus Salad – Polpo con Patate

more details in my culinary books published by






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